Saturday, September 13, 2014

More Fun on the Mountain // September 2014

I love this mountain.. I love the landscape, I love the beauty, I love the sunsets but most of all, I love the people. We have managed to forged friendships with so many wonderful families. To say we are blessed is really an understatement! We get to spend so much time enjoying our friends, especially when the weather is fantastic!

Double blue eyes. Dave and little Jack.
I adore this kiddo. Isn't he a doll face?!?!
And the three amigos. Who knew that sitting in a golf cart, eating Popsicle could be so entertaining?!?
They crack me up!!!
I love that they took it up a notch and then added in pretty little Lemley who is always ready for her supermodel pose.
Not a great picture but when I say it I about fell over at the look on AJ's face. I couldn't miss the opportunity to share that!!
So cute. I heart him too!!
This girl. Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!
I love this.. Both posing but in totally different ways. L: Yes, I am from New York and you will see me in fashion week. T: Hey, I am cute. So stinkin' cute!!
The it was time for the boys to be boys.
And then we have the crazy crew. How many kids can you fit on a ride on toy?!?
4. All goofy as all get out!!
Miles refused to let me take his picture..These are as good as it gets.
Jett. He is honorary Stone Mountain, He is actually Hayes cousin but we will take him any day. He is precious!
Lil. Tough or sad?
Justin will be the judge.
KSue. I mean, so cute. And that headband. I would totally wear that!
He was out to get someone.
And like most boys his age, he went after his crush. Precious.
What a fun night.. but then again, every night is a fun night up here on the mountain.

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