Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor day weekend // 2014

 My parents were away for Labor Day weekend so we decided to invite some friends up and invade!

We had a little bit of Stone Mountain hanging at the Wrights.

We had dinner and then it was time for the pool party. Some of the kiddos were already down for the night but the Adair kiddos were still going strong!
 So much fun. It is fun to be a kid.
 Or adults pretending to be kids.
 Seriously. The bromance between these two. 
 I don't know why but this may be my favorite one.
 The hubs decided he wanted to give Jen a hug..........
 He may have been being just a little evil. 
 The next morning we got up and let the littles swim for a bit.
 Love these two!!
Always just a big kid.
 This face. HAHAHA!
 And the leaf... Not sure how this happened but I think it is hilarious. 
 We missed my parents and the rest of the family but we sure had a great time! Thanks for joining us, friends!

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