Monday, September 15, 2014

Chaz's brithday surprise // Best of friends // 9.2014

*Note: I discovered I missed some of the festivities in this post and decided I didn't want his surprise to be lost in the September post. So, here we go again (sort of again..)*

This is how we wake up on birthdays. I have always made birthdays a big deal. It is a day that is ALL you, so why not?!?! He doesn't look very excited but he just woke up and we are singing and taking pictures. Although exciting, maybe not the best way to wake up!
He got to pick out his outfit for the day. His new shirt from the McGowans. He looks so big!!
He wanted to go back and stand in front of his decorated door.
After a full day of school, he got in from the car rider line completely surprised by my sidekick. BFF. Can you tell he is a little happy about it?!?
We headed to ChuckECheese for the afternoon. The boys were pumped and we were three of about five people in the whole place!
Kids will do anything for some free tickets. Dance, little ones, dance.
And here is a whopping 10 tickets. Thanks for playing.
They gave a bunch of their tickets to this little one. Such good boys!
I made him stop for a picture. Can you tell by his face that he is used to but sick of my camera? HA! Sorry kid.
This is his fav. Some weird milk jug game that he is amazingly good at!
And the water shootout. Intense competition.
Another intense competition.
He is posing for a picture. HA! Loves him!

Aren't they precious? God forbid they smile at the same time. Boys.

This makes me giggle. This is above the roller coaster ride so I could see their faces. Unfazed.

Gearing up for the ticket blaster. The shirt tuck is a must. We learned this years ago. Stuff the tickets down your shirt and you are money! Even if you look like you just jumped off the geek train.
This is seriously all he cared about. He knows when we go to parties the birthday kiddo gets to do the blaster and he wanted to do the blaster on his birthday. Little nugget of info for all you moms wanting to up your already awesome supermom status, you can hand over $4 for this and it doesn't have to even be their birthday. You are welcome!
The empty. This was the beginning. You would be surprised how many tickets these kiddos can get in their shirts.
And yes, even the birthday boy's buddy gets to go in the blaster. Shirt tuck and all!
He is schooling him. I guess he is now an expert.
They comboed up their tickets in order to get the most bang for their buck.
Ticket chomping time. Again, probably one of his favorite parts.
451 + all the bonus tickets from the blaster!  In the end, we were well over 900. Nice work kiddos!
A small heap of junk later and I had two very happy boys. Thank you, Hayes for spending the afternoon with our new 7 year-old. He was so very excited!! Happy Birthday, Chaz!

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