Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bikes, Blues and BBQ // 2014

If you have been following for any length of time, you probably know the drill.. A gagillion motorcycles come into our area every year. We used to spend days (and nights) hanging around and enjoying the events but then we had kids. Now we head down during the day and are sure to skate out of there before some of the "questionable" behavior starts happening. Usually we catch the parade but this year we missed it.

I loaded up the boys (including my +1 kiddo, Hayes) and headed down to Dickson. Yes, I was able to send several texts to Hayes' mom telling her I took her kid to Dickson. We giggled.

These boys are just two peas in a pod. They are totally in sync. Even when it comes to walking down the street with their arms stretched out. Cuteness.
The baby and his daddy. I wasn't sure I wanted him to walk in the crowd. I know, momma-bear.
This one cracks me up. Hayes' face. HA!
Ok, much better!
The creepy car. I am pretty sure we saw this one last year. The boys got close but they refused to get any closer.
Yep, I took your kid to Dickson!
Their are some cool booths and showcase cars/bikes and such. Dane was so excited. He thought this one looked like the Batmobile.
I love them. My little trio of dudes.
A few more before we go? You can tell Chaz is totally used to my camera.. Hayes, well he was over it.
Now he was getting into it. I think he realized I wasn't going away.
Bunny ears.
I heard screaming and turned to see this... Baby no like.
This one was requested. Not sure why but it was right before we got into the car and they wanted "one more" Goofy kiddos.

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