Thursday, August 21, 2014

Miles' 8th bday // 2014

One of my favorite kiddos decided to go and have a birthday! We adore Miles and are so happy that he and Chaz are such good friends!
The boys (and Elli)
Sweet Taylor.
I can't even believe I let him get this close to the cake.
Such a handsome boy!
Elli is such the dollface.
I was trying to get Miles to smile and instead I got this.
These next few make me laugh roll. Put a camera in front of these boys and expect some hamming it up. Well, except the birthday boy who all but refused to look at me!
I am not real sure about Hayes' face but it makes me laugh.
Finally. His face! Happy birthday to this kid!
Make a wish!!! These pictures are a riot! Take note of each and every face, you will enjoy it!

And the monster. Way to end on a high note, little guy!!
Happy birthday, Miles! I hope you had a fantastic day!!

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