Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jack's 2nd Birthday // 2014

This little guy has made our heart explode over the last year. His sweet family moved in around Aug/Sept and we quickly became friends. We love all four of them like they are family! Jack and Dane have remained best of friends over the last year... well they do still fight like brothers sometimes but they love each other nonetheless!
We decided to join this little fam for some swimming and fiesta dinner to celebrate Jack. It was a good time!
Chaz adores Lil!
We love them all so very much!
 Later that week it was time to party! No better place for little folks than Little Gym! *forgive some of the weird shadows. I have learned over the years, this is just something about this place. It drives me nuts.
 Jack and Dane were going crazy!
 Love this kid!!
 and this one!!!
 and this one..... never ending.. 
 Yes, the kids are suppose to do this. Look at the hubs, I think he may be jealous.
 I know, I know. It is a major blur but that is just this kid. He is wild at all times unless he is sleeping. I couldn't help but post it. 
 Jack isn't quite as crazy... He needs a little coaxing. 
 and then he is all in!!
 Welcome to Crazytown!
 I could barely keep up with these two. They were out of control!
 Quite possibly my favorite picture. I love this smile. Jack really has one of the best little grins on the planet!!
 My little muscleman!
 Jaelyn being a monkey!
 Again, blurry but I love it! He was yelling in pure joy but it looks like he is trying to eat as many bubbles as possible in some bizarre Minute to Win it game!
 KSue and her momma. I think she was just trying to avoid the mayhem of the boys!
 And the mini NBA legend AJ is rocking it.
 Hayes, such a silly kiddo!
 HA! Love this face!!
 I think Crazytown disease is contagious in this place! Love these kiddos. They were having SUCH a great time!!
She knows her signature stunt. Amazing!
 Daredevil.  Always. Everyday. 
 This. Just this. He is simply amazing. 
 And the money shot. Thank you, Jack. Your momma is going to be so proud!
 Then it was time for the blow up bouncer.. Jack wasn't really a fan. We all thought he was laughing at first.
 Yeah, no. Not laughing.
This is his evil face. He is about to do something he isn't suppose do. Be cautious when you see this look. It is cute but hella dangerous. You have been warned.
 This is his "Crap, you are onto me" look.
This bounce thing is always a hit. The kids go even more nutso and the parents are just praying they wear themselves out to pass out at night.
 Nice leap, AJ!
 Then it was pizza, cake and cookie time!! 
 My camera caught focus of the cake and I was laughing hysterically... so this is what you get but clearly, Jack will NOT be a firefighter when he grows up!
 Sweet fam (minus Lil)
 And, as always, we get by with a little help from our friends. "Jack, I will helps you put on yours shoes!"
Happy Birthday, Jack! You are such a blessing to have in our lives. I hope you and Dane are lifelong buddies! You are awesome!!

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