Saturday, August 16, 2014

First day of First Grade // Chaz // 2014

A few days before school started we went to open house. I think I was more nervous than Chaz. He was all smiles, neon and tan from the summer. He was SOOO excited!!!
And then it was here. First day! Again, I think I was more nervous than he was! I was MUCH better than last year, that is for sure!
The baby wasn't really into it. I don't think he understood. Notice the neon backpack. This kid has a signature.
There he is! He was ready for his photo opportunity!
I love this  kid so much! I cannot believe he is in FIRST grade. My baby is in FIRST grade!!
And there is this one.. OMG.
We had to take the shots in front of the garage. This kid is laced in tradition just like his momma!!
The walk. Again, he was SO excited. I think he finally feels like a big kid.
Of course I had to get a shot with the boy!
And his Daddy. He is such the proud dad!

Isn't he just a doll!?!?!
Chaz's teacher grabbed the hubs and myself and put us to work. We were collecting supplies, getting kiddos settled, sorting lunches, making name clips, etc... So the baby got a seat with some Netflix.
New year, new class, new teacher.. Let's do this, First grade!!!!

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