Saturday, August 2, 2014

AJs 3rd bday // July

We are surrounded with little peeps. I love them all, really I do! And this guy, this guy is pretty much awesomeness! He has been my little guy neighbor for several years and we simply adore him. We am so blessed that we have been able to know him the majority of his life and that he and my little bit are such good friends.

So on this day, we celebrated these years. AJ, you are amazing! Let's party down, cool dude! You are THREE!!!
The cake, precious!
Obviously the pizza was a hit! This kid.
I love the pose with the cookie. AJ, you are something else!
And there were go. Solidifying the three amigo group, Jack!
Yep, there they are. Tres Amigos. Love them all so much!
Interesting way to eat a cookie. Love you, little fellow!!
The love of this slide is something to talk about. I mean, look at that face. One day, I am getting in the slide. Yep, it is going to happen!!
Bday boy hamming it up!
Yes, we toss babies. Have been for years. Stop judging.
The ladies..
Back to the slide. SOOOO much fun!! I love the in action shots. You know me. I will post even if blurry because they make me happy!
These Jorg faces. I think they were freezing but I think the faces are awesome!
He has fun too!
I think I need to by about 125,323,645,342 pairs of these for the summer. All the kids loved them!!
 And then it was time for cake. Who doesn't love cake?!?
A little help from momma!
And them we eat!
And then it was time for presents!
Dane is just like Chaz. So excited to see their faces when they open the gift we got them!
Jaelyn. I dared her to eat a snap pea. I wish I would have gotten the face after she ate it because she wasn't a fan.!
Momma needed to rest! Baby sister was due and momma was done!!

This girl!
The concentration of a three year-old is something to be noted.
The slide again. Wait, is that a big person!?!?!
Yep, McGowan. Well played.
Daddy and sweet KSue playing in the fountain!
That face. Those eyes. Those cheeks!!
Some of the kids were a bit waterlogged and decided to head to the courts.
But the littles were still game for pool time.
The boys decided to cool daddy's burn off with some pool water. Cuteness.
Jack I-do-it-myself-because-I-am-almost-two Johnson. You go on with your bad self!
Well done!
Hud. Such a cutie!!
With gritted teeth "Looook,"
The party can't end?!?!? It is my bday!!
Goofy kid. That orange is his shorts.
And walking his buddy to the car. Jack and Chaz, buddies.
Happy birthday, AJ! I hope you had an amazing birthday and know you are so love by so many! Thank you for being such a good friend to Dane and Chaz! You are a great kid and I can't wait to see you continue to grow and be awesome! Many, many more!!!

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