Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Memster turns 88 years young // 2014

Who can say that they have been blessed enough to spend so many years with one of the greatest women on earth?? I can. This lady, she is simply amazing and we were able to celebrate her 88th birthday this year!
Isn't she just adorable?!?! Please note: She is 88 and could run circles around me. She is very active, healthy, drinks her "colored' water and does water aerobics. Pretty amazing!
She is surrounded by friends and family who love her dearly. We were all able to join and spend some time in the pool, playing and being lazy.
And she was able to lounge in her chair with her colored water and her sidekick pup.
Kid toss. So much fun for everyone.
I can't tell who was having more fun, Chaz or the girls?!?
Popsicles, total must.
More flying.. Love this one!!
Sleepy. And adorable.
Chaz and his Papa shooting water through a noodle. It is the little things, right?
What? You don't eat powdered donuts poolside??
So fun. And such a goofball!
Happy birthday to YOU!!!!
Yeah, my grandma is cooler than yours. This is the color in her water. She kicks arse!
Happy birthday, sweet Meme! Keep smiling, staying so incredibly positive, stay sassy, keep moving at 90 to nothin' and have fun for all the many more years to come. You are such a positive light and keep the rest of us going!! Thank you for being you!!

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