Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sidney and Evan // Party on // July 2014

Two of my favorite little people have birthdays just a few days apart so they get to celebrate together. My cousin's littles, Sidney and Evan, are just so very special to us! Annnnnnnnd when I told the boys we were going to Chuck E Cheese, they were beyond excited.

I took the boys by myself as the hubs had some work to attend to. So I spent the majority of my morning chasing this guy.
Trying to call his dad because I wouldn't let him eat cookies before lunch. Yes, seriously, calling in backup.
They are just so much fun. Goofy kids!
The carousal, Always a hit!
There is the birthday boy! Yes, I saw him before this but it took me this long to get a picture of him. He is three after all!!
These faces! So happy and having SUCH a great time!
The balloon bike. This one really requires daddy. Usually he spins the pedals with his hand and the thing goes way up in the air. Momma just didn't have it in her.
Evan the bday boy!!
That face! Those eyes! Such a doll!
Sid and her cousin, Sarah. Two of my favorite little people. Adorable!
Happy birthday, pretty girl!!
Such cute cakes!
Dancing with Chuck E!
And of course they got to jam out with him too! So much fun!
Little one, I hope all your wishes come true!
Yes, it takes some made skills to get all the kids in one picture. I aim for that goal and understand perfection isn't even really an option.HA!
Time to open the presents. He loved his Jake gear we got him! YAY!
Chaz used to be interested in seeing all the gifts... now he just wants to see them open the one he gave them. But the precious thing is is how excited he gets when they like it. Isn't that the joy of giving a gift?! I love that he loves this!!
One last ride before we head out? Sure!

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