Saturday, July 12, 2014

July Neighborhood fun // 2014

Let the good times roll! I mean on Stone Mountain, we have a good time! And when you toss in some rockin' kiddos, it makes life SOOOO much fun!!! Summertime!

I love these kids. They are a blast!! As you can tell from the smiles. I wish you could hear these laughs.
Sweet brotherness! It happens... sometimes.
This kid REFUSES to accept the arrow. He almost ALWAYS goes against the flow. From walking UP the water slide to the sun shining in his eyes.. The kid doesn't stop! I love his determination... or spite. Call it what you will.
This makes me happy. The boys (minus a handful from the Mountain) they made a plan, joined hands and..........
went for it!
With a follower.. Remember that I-don't-do-things-I-am-told thing? Yeah.
And again, the outdoor movie. Love these kiddos!

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