Thursday, July 31, 2014

July // 2014

July randsomsauce, here we go!!

I mean he is super cute when he is awake but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, when he is asleep! This kid doesn't really love sleep like he should.

What? You don't picnic in your birthday suit??
When U-verse craps work. Damn you U-verse.
Summertime fun! Lemonade treats! Love these kiddos!
My work buddy! Bandit is hands down one of the coolest dogs around!
I found this one morning. Yes, such a sweet brother went to sleep with the little guy!
He decided he wanted to eat a Toaster Strudel untoasted... Yes, cold and hard. Gross!
This is what it looks like when your washer breaks. Thank the good lord, we have a good friend who does repairs! Lifesaver!!
After a fun morning at the gym pool, the boys randomly decided to cuddle. How sweet is this??
Add in a little impromptu neighborhood slip and slide time!!
I could count my blessings but to wake up to this really just reminds you of them very quickly. I am soooooo blessed.
My buddy Lillian. I loves her!!
Selfies. Chaz and I love them... Dane... well....

Yes, most times sometimes this is how we eat. Sorry-not-sorry!
There is just something I LOVE about the car wash. LOVE it!
Cooper and Dane hanging out. Loves him!!
Yes, he dunked his head in the water table. Goofball!
I LOVE this kiddo. He is such a doll!
Cooper and Dane working on their computer. Flash forward 20 years, they could be cube mates.

My boy! He is almost as big as I am! Oh, btw those are a hot mess of pj mixture. Too small shirt and too big shorts. Yes, those are suppose to be shorts.
We do a charity thing at work every year where they photograph our dogs. This year it was directed for them to dress businesslike. I missed it last year so this year, even though I was off this day, I HAD to take Wrigley. He did so good!
Chaz and his BFF.
And, after over a week off work, I returned.. It was a good day but it was hard to give up sitting by the pool.
Happy boy!
We had some friends over one evening. Three of the kiddos are all around the same age. They are so stinkin' cute!
Omar helping Dane get warm.

I guess Fletcher decided to vacuum the pool. Silliness!
Jack decided he didn't want to miss out on the fun!
This is how Fletcher decided he would warm up. I remember doing this when I was his age. Concrete is soooooo warm!

Yes, I got a wild hair and decided to chalk paint the entertainment center. I also covered the bottom panels with mustache fabric. Isn't it adorable?!?!
I also shot a staple through my finger while doing so... I mean all the way in, flat against my skin. I was terribly painful but I was in a room full of kiddos so I didn't spew all the words I really wanted to... now riddle me this, how did I miss the warning of the exit sign?!?!
If you know me, you know I frequent Sonic. Maybe frequent is too soft of a word.. Any ways, this is something I have NEVER seen but is a wee bit cleaver. Right there, on the left, over the slushies... Yes, that is a business card. WHAT?!?! Do what you gotta do buddy!
Quote time. Some are sappy and sweet and some are funny.

Beyond true!

One day, one day I will do this!
I have some friends who this describes to a tee! You know who you are!!
 This number called me 5 times in 3 days... Yep, not answering. You aren't even a real number. Why would I answer this?!?! I am sure they were going to try and sell me something, get to vote for someone or give me a fully paid cruise!
I want to see the proof. I think it is all lies! LIES I SAY!!

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