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Boom! Bang! Pop!! // 4th of July weekend 2014

This was the first year where we spent some of the 4th weekend in Fayetteville. We usually hightail it to Bentonville and lounge around the pool. This year, for a few reasons, we decided to split the weekend between Fayetteville and Bentonville. 

We were ready for the 4th! This is one of my favorite holidays, hands down!
And we were invited to a neighborhood down the street for a little morning parade. Complete with spray painted hair! He was pumped!
He was a little unsure about the hair thing.
Hayes decided he wanted in on the fun. Some decorating fun ad we were ready to go!
The Fayetteville Fire Department came out and gave the kiddos some hats and stickers.
The kids got balloons!
His latest about 2.435 seconds. But they were nice enough to give us another one!
Now, let me say, we were parade newbies but some of these people were here to get their 4th on. It was awesome!!
The place was very well organized but took FOREVER to get started. The kids were on the verge of a meltdown.
Of course we brought Wrigs!
FINALLY! We were off!!
The guys went for another lap around the neighborhood while me and the pup stayed back.
Once back we took a few minutes to check out the fire truck. Yes, the leader of the parade was a fire truck with the Grand Marshall being the Mayor of Fayetteville. It was super cool!
And then it was back to the house for naps and rest before our neighborhood party. We were ready to rock!
Classic Stone Mountain party, complete with giant blow-ups in the front yard.
Momma just needed to rest those legs...and it was hot!
The mohawk lasted a little while longer.

We invited some special people from outside the neighborhood. Grady!
Jack was clearly having a blast!
And Jaelyn
Taylor, Jack and Dane!
We also had the 345,645,211,156 ride on toys from all the neighborhood houses. It was loud!
The mohawk didn't survive the water! Cooper was in to play. Adorable!
Brooke was in charge of the snow cone table. I am not sure she really signed up for this task but was a trooper to do so!

Lots of friends, just kickin' it!
Not sure what he was munching on, there were a bunch of goodies!
Yes, the hubs is wearing his "very special" shirt. Such a ham!
I guess the water was a little cold and the concrete felt good.
Mac a doo! Sure a cutie!
Jack! I love this kiddo!

Sweet Taylor! She loves to drive the boys around.
They are so funny when they drive in a train formation.
Jackson. I am shocked that I even got this picture. He kept running from me.
Smooth move, Miles.
Lemley. She is just precious!
Hudson was running from me as well. He was a challenge to get a picture of too!!
Fun times for these kiddos!
We couldn't keep the littles out of the pool. They were having such a blast!
Kylie is so sweet with the littles.
Silly kiddos!
The teenagers. They are SOOOOOOOO too cool for us "old" people!
Does anyone else think this is ironic?!?
Dog poo. Yes, we have firecrackers with poo....
Jack and his daddy. Sweetness.
This one has nothing to do with the kiddos but rather the people we made turn around at the end of our street. HAHAHAHA!
First ones were the parachute fireworks. The kids LOVED them... except the majority of the 50+ parachutes ended up in one of the neighbor's backyards so we had kiddos trying to climb fences. Hilarious.
The collection. He was so proud.
Danger. Danger.
I think these are the faces of skepticism.
Time out for a GIANT pixy stix. HAHA! Love this girl!
Smoke bomb.
And guess who had enough of it. He was not a fan and didn't want anything to do with any part of it.
Still not impressed.
Still munching on pixy stix. I promised to keep her secret that this may have been 2 of 2. or 3.. or .. ok, I will stop.
Now he is excited!! THAT FACE!!!
Some of the mommas. Love them!
Jack and his momma!
Precious. Not safe, but precious.
Nothing sweeter than a Grandma lovin' on her grand baby.
Jaelyn is simply adorable. I mean.
And then there is KSue. She was so excited! And a dollface.
Ten this happened. Dave with a Pabst and a mullet fighting with my kiddo. WHAT?!?!
Let's try to look normal with a mullet and a Pabst.
Ok, that was a silly thought. Let's duckface!
Then all the kiddos started chasing the mullet-man.
"Oh yeah, little kid! You pulled my mullet, I am going to pull your hair" Really, Dave? Really? HAHAHA!
Oh yeah, mullet selfie!
Sweet baby Beckett.
Aren't they cute?
Then it was time to put on the light show! The kids were almost as excited about this stuff as they were about the impending fireworks.
There they are! I mean, this was like a firework spectacular! One of our neighbor's friends literally filled the back of his truck with fireworks. It was amazing!
Twinsies. I really didn't even notice this until right this second. HA!
Just relaxing, watching a show..
Mesmerized... and annoyed.
I think he is d.o.n.e.
Those eyes!!!
AJ is not having it. I don't blame him. It was super loud.
 Apparently, Lemley isn't bothered by the noise.
 Hayes. FREEDOM!!!
I can't explain but it makes me giggle.
Again, can't explain but I am giggling...
And then we headed to Brooke's to watch a movie on her garage (notice the tiny little blonde boy managed to make his way out for a movie) What a fun day!!!
The next day we headed to Bville to spend a little time with my Popsicle. Mom, my Aunt and my Meme were out of town at a wedding so it was super low key. We literally just relaxed around the pool. Which was MUCH needed after the day before.
There was lots of swimming and jumping. Good times!!
Then it was time for fireworks with Papa. This is a must no matter what other plans we have on the 4th weekend, we must make it to daddy to set of fireworks. I remember this with his parents when I was a child and want my babies to remember it with their grandparents.

The baby wasn't really sure about it so we started off with confetti poppers. Notice Ironman on the ground, he is always a must.
I love this. They were watching their Daddy shoot off some fireworks and Chaz wanted to make sure his brother stayed back and was safe. Precious.
Then momma took a big breath and trusted that my boy was old enough to light these on his his own. This was a HUGE step for him and me. He was scared of them up until last year, so I was shocked that he was even willing to do so. And for me, I mean.. he is my BABY!!!
His sprint back to the "safe zone" was impressive.
Proud.. super proud.
Next year we will buy a bagillion of these things. They LOVED shooting and then chasing the parachutes. Who knew?!?!
Ignore my goofy laugh... But seeing the hubs scared was too good not to share
He was more interested in playing in the rocks.
Papa can convince him of anything.
Smoke bombs!! WHY do kids love these things?!?!
Baby with a sparkler. This could have ended so many ways.....especially with this kiddo.
. The bees. Damn bees. They freak me out every time.
Some selfies were a must to send to Gaga.
My "famous" selfie. I love to pretend like I am eating the kids. I mean when you have a T-Rex size mouth, what are you suppose to do?!?! Dane still gets a scared face, which cracks me up!!
Roman candles. Always a favorite of mine!
 My baby is getting SO big!
 And so is the other baby!
More selfies. Yes, my son is throwing up pretend gang signs. Such a boy!

They loved these! The pictures aren't very good (my big camera ran out of battery) but they were all different colors and so very pretty!!
Happy 4th of July! What a fun filled weekend with so many of the people we love!!! Hopefully during all the fun, family, friends and chaos, everyone remembered what the holiday is about. Happy 4th!

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