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Spring Baseball (continued) // Dragons // 2014

Continued from the first Spring Baseball post..

So the night before the second game of the tournament the hubs took some time to explain some baseball to me. I understand most of it but football is really my sport. I just don't want to be the mom that cheers at the wrong time so I needed a little lesson. How else would you explain? Beer caps, duh.
 Little pregame pep.
 He was ready!
 We were up against his cousin Jackson's team again. I love that I got to watch them both play but I really hate to see them play against each other. AND my team looks at me a little funny when I cheer for the other team. What can I say, I love this kiddo!
 Maybe next year they will make it on the same team. Either way, some of the shots I got are just priceless. 
 Mac was sweating like a madman by the middle of the first inning! It was hot!!
 Jackson was playing picture. Which in this league doesn't mean you actually pitch (that is the coach's job) but you are in charge of all the fielding and he did a fab job!
 Way to score, JWalk!
 And Mac!
 And my little skip hopper made it to third. 
 and then home. Nice work!!

 The sister cheering squad!
 Not sure what happened but it was awesome that the hubs was there to support his nephew. We don't really play teams. They are six for goodness sakes!! 

Nice hit, Owen!
 Another run! Nice work, Chazman!
 And Owen!
 I love this! Adorable!

 The "run face" so necessary to a proper run!
 More runs!
 And a rockin' slide into home!
 Can you tell it has been hammered into them to touch.the.base?!?!
 And the it was over. High fives, y'all!
 Love this! Sweet cousins and all they really cared about was a big congrats across the board. Good work, kiddos!
 And the talk!
 And they run! Yes, we won! Great job, guys!!
 Tournament, game 3.

So we knew walking into this one that this would be our last game. We were actually leaving for vacation that evening... So we really wanted to play. You can image my thoughts when I saw the weather forecast for the evening. I really wanted to cry for my boy. He was going to be heartbroken if he didn't get to play this last game. Ugh #mommapain
 But low and behold, the skies parted and the sun came out. Play ball, boys!
 Is there anything more precious than this picture?!?! I mean, I am a sucker for the National Anthem but little boys showing respect almost brought me to tears.
 The line-up. My sweet little buddies! I heart them so freakin' much!!!
 Pep talk from the pops!
 I think they were ready to play!
 Let's knock the skin off the ball! Come on buddy!
 Nice work, boys!!
 DANG! Did you see all those runs!?!?!
 There is our cheering crowd! Yay! Thanks to the regular crew + the Lanes for cheering on the little guy!!
 Sweet! Nice run!
 Come on, Noah!
 And then this happened! What is that look about??
 This guy caught a pop fly! WHAT?!?!?! And the crowd goes wild!!!!!!!!!! You should be pumped buddy! You should be walking like a total stud! Nice job! Way to pay attention!!!
 More runs, more awesomeness! These kids! Amazing!
 On the spot coaching!
 Huddle up kiddos! This is make or break!
 Ok, guys... one more shot! We need to get this run. This is it! You got this!!

And they DID IT!! They won! I know, I didn't wait until the run, but I couldn't! I was SO excited. I am pretty sure they heard me in another county!
 Nice work guys!
 The joy! The faces! My favorite part!!
  What happens when you make it to the last game?? POOOOOOL Party!!!
 You can just tell by these pictures. These kiddos really enjoyed each other. They had bonded, they were friends! Can you see my heart smiling from there??
All the baby cared about was the pizza and the chocolates. He hates chocolate but because it was white, he liked it. Go figure.
Love that the siblings were always a part of this team. It just makes it extra special!!

Coach Bo and Marta catching some relaxing time!
So funny! Now you get to see their faces, without helmets! They are all just precious!
Mac hamming it up with the mustache chocolates!
JWalk! Yes, I love this kid!
They had a blast pushing each other into the pool. Goofy kids!
Such the dollface!
And this is what happens when you try to get a shot of all the kiddos. No deletes here, just enjoy the madness!
AND break!
Such a blast!! We left the party and wished the team good luck in the final game. Thankfully, Chaz was too excited about the vacation to be sad about missing the last game.
I was able to get the play-by-play from Coach Bo's wife, Courtney. It was awesome to be able to show Chaz a picture of his team ready to play in the championship game!
Chaz sent this gem from dinner. Gooooooooooooooooooo DRAGONS!!!
Courtney sent back with this and just had Chaz grinning from ear to ear!
They didn't run, they didn't win but they made it to the LAST game!! That is amazing. Trust me, first practice day we did not see this coming. The other good thing is the team who did win, class act! We have some friends on the team and they are really wonderful little kids. The coaches were great too! All about learning and fun! Good game, boys!!!
I was able to show Chaz a picture of the trophy. Of course he asked if he got the big one. "Umm, no son, the little guy next to him" He was pumped either way!
 Congrats to these little Dragons. What a fantastic season. Who would have ever thought I would have become a "baseball momma." I am so happy I jumped in with both feet! I had a blast, made some great friends and fell in love with these little fellows! I leave you with the day of pictures. It happened game 2ish but I saved it for last!
Somehow We got suckered into playing cards... and by suckered I mean the hubs showed the entire selection to the 6 year-old thinking he could persuade him into the least expensive option. Ummmm, nope.
 My little all star! He is a stud!
 Yes, I was the mom standing behind the photographer. It is ok, he said I could.
 And then this happened...It was like a scene from Stand By Me..

"Hey guys, come look in the woods! I see something!!"
 Thank goodness it was just a toaster and not a dead body! These kids!! HAHAHA!
 Then these two guys started being major goofballs. Ham it up!
 I love that they are helping each other get ready for the big group shot.
 These kiddos are just so much fun. Mac did not want me to take his picture. It took about four just to get to this beauty!
 BIG goober right there in the middle!
 Yes, I totally stood behind the photographer again. Don't judge. Be impressed that I asked and then put my camera on speed shutter. BAM! 
 Loves him!
 Chaz, we are so proud of you. You were focused, you concentrated, you listened, you grew, you learned and you had a wonderful season. I can't wait to see what the years ahead bring. Keep knocking it out of the park, kid!

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