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June // 2014

Another dose of randomness, here we go!!!

So, I knew when this party ended with pulling my child away from one of the presents that sometime that weekend I would be forced into this.....
And when we got to the Blue Ironman, he was beside himself with excitement. "I get dis"
I mean, could you deny this love??
He is mesmerized by these "mens" as he calls them. He takes them literally everywhere.
 But it seems he is missing one.. He refers to them by size. The missing man is the "big bolverine" (aka Wolverine) 
 This kid is simply hilarious. This is him dunking himself in the water table.
And some days you just need a back porch and a beer.
So this happened... After almost 5 hours at the doc, they determined I had a pinched nerve in my neck. The numbness in my right arm was a little concerning at first but he gave me some muscle relaxers and after a few days, I was back to normal. Whew!

And this is what happens when you let the kids dress themselves. There are times where you have to pick your battles. This is not one I was willing to fight.
My sweet lunch dates. And yes, I am the mom that gives up the phone to quiet them down. Don't judge.
Mr Ricky teaching the baby how to bat. Preciousness!
I guess it was just a hard day. I went to check on him, because it was very quite and that is usually a very bad sign, and I found this. Sacked out!
Brother had to cover him up and then pretend to be out as well. Goofy kid!
And give him bunny ears.
I bought a bubble machine. There are two ironic things about this 1) I loathe bubbles. Seriously, the devil made Play-doh and bubbles. I am certain of it 2) I have managed to buy several bubble machines over the years. Please reference #1  3) it broke day 1 -- I told you, oozing irony.
He did this himself. Really.

The hubs, oh the hubs. He is about the cheapest most frugal person you will ever meet. This is him marrying crushed red pepper packets from the pizza box with the bottle of crushed red pepper we PURCHASED at the store. Yes, usually people purchase this stuff. Outlandish if you ask the hubs. He is so proud that he has managed to fill almost half the container this way. I am certain we have saved millions (said in her most sarcastic voice ever!)
Nothing more precious than a sleeping baby... well, maybe a sleeping momma but that is just crazy talk.
One of my favorite necklaces was appropriately hanging around my neck on this day. I can't believe he is so big,  just look at his sweet little baby profile. Wow, time needs to slow down!!
Daddy let him ride his bike to school... by "ride his bike" I mean put it in the car, drive across the very busy street, park, unload the bike and let the kid ride a few blocks to school. You know, the safe way that wouldn't freak the mommy out!
Sweet little Lil. I love to have babies in the neighborhood. Hug them up and hand them back!
What is this? Yes, THIS would be a BIG kid in a carrier. I swear this kid was about four...and yes, I judged a little bit... and maybe I was a little jealous that her kiddo was contained.
What is that? Yes, between those two men.....

That would be my two year-old stalking the ice-cream machine and hoping a stranger will give him some. Yes, please insert a stranger danger PSA here. I get it, I get it. I was less than 6 feet away and watching him like a hawk.
Finally, his momma got up and fulfilled his request. Happy baby!
We have friends moving (back) into the neighborhood so we often drive by to see the progress. You can imagine my surprise when I looked up to see my friend hanging out the window painting her house. What a goober!
We said "see ya later" to this sweet neighbor. He has been around since before we moved in and became one of Chaz's first neighborhood friends. We will miss you around here!!
Again, sweet Lil. Loves her!
Sooooo, we have this train table in our room... yes, I have a train table, a TV chair and a kids potty, don't judge. Anyway, I have an obsession with keeping this table put together. It drives me bonkers to have it torn apart by this crazy little dude but every time I get it in order, about 25 seconds passes and he has it dismantled. Sometimes he blames himself, sometime he blames others.. like his little action figures.

Many lunch breaks with these sweeties!

Of course they refuse to participate at the same time.

And then this happened. Well, you see, since I have had kiddos.. I think I am crafty. I am crafty but not necessarily handy. Hence the two holes in my finger. I was putting some super cute fabric on the doors of an entertainment center I recently painted and I failed to properly shoot the staple gun. I pulled the trigger and immediately felt the blood rush from my face. OMG. I just shot my finger.. AND I have small children, some of which are not mine, so I cannot use the words that are completely appropriate for this kind of situation. #(&$*#$#*(#$#!!

And the next day I ran my shin directly into a flower pot at the neighbor's house. What in the world!?!?

We had a little baby shower for one of my favorite little babies. Little Lillian is so precious to all of us! We had some cute decor and some awesome food but other than that I was too busy stuffing my face and hugging on a baby to take pictures. Sorry folks!

And here are some of the funnies of the month. This is for my housewives of Stone Mountain. Great group of ladies I not only call my neighbors but more importantly, my friends.

Forgive the F bomb but this is just too funny to pass up. As a boymom, my life is superheros, ninjas and Legos. This is so, so true.

Yep, totally. 100%.

Hahaha! There are days. Lots of days.

This came home from Dane's school one day. 1) Is this prison? Bread, ketchup and milk for lunch?? 2) Have I told you that my hubs is scared, yes scared, of ketchup??  BAHAHAHAHA!
It is a workout all in itself
I feel like the hubs probably needs this on his car.
I received this beauty this month... This will be an entire other blog.. Trust me, it is worth it's own story.

I need to put this in certain people's mailboxes. Just sayin'
Genius! We haven't quite yet hit the terrible THREEs (As I believe three is WAY worse than two) so I need this some where I can find it. I share with all those mommas out there!!

For my brother... Mwah!
For my northern neighbors. You know who you are :)
Yes, my goal is not to totally screw you up!
Hence the "not totally screw you up" comment.
I don't liken this to twins, but to children/grandchildren in general. I swear, my house could be the cleanest it has ever been in my entire life..insert the kids, and the hubs, and POOF madness.
True dat!

And blow in my ear, circa de 1988 Nintendo, as it is a surefire way to fix things.

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