Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day // 2014

The plan for Father's day weekend? Not a whole lot more than relaxing.
 We spent the majority of Saturday in and around the pool

Chaz's crazy hair. This was not staged but a funny little present left when he took off his goggles. Kid needs a haircut.
 Chaz found this butterfly and wanted me to take a picture. Beautiful!
 This weekend was about the dads. I love these guys so very much. My dad, the hubs and the FIL are the best (I don't have a picture of the FIL, he tends to elude the camera)
 Other parts of the weekend we just us being us. The hubs is always so much fun with the kiddos.
 Chaz was so excited to give Papa the card he made for him. He loves this guy so very much (I do too!!)
 More pool time! This time all the "mens" get to join.
 The sweet card Chaz made for his daddy. Preciousness!
We spent the evening at another awesome Dad's house, my Father-in-Law. He is something pretty special as well. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home. We would have gone back to get it but we were already running late. It isn't really like he lets me take any pictures of him anyways. Here is to  you Jim, you are a great dad, father-in-law and Dah. We love you!!

Happy Father's day to all the dads I know. You are all special in your own perfect way. I am lucky enough to have one I would call one of my best friends. Sometimes we are a little too similar but I wouldn't change him for the world. He does so much for me and really everybody he knows. He is one-of-a-kind. To the hubs, you are an amazing dad. I love that you keep our family fun, even though it drives me a little crazy sometimes.  We have a good balance. I am so glad my kiddos have the "fun" dad!  And to my Father-in-Law, you put up with so much! You are completely outnumbered, obviously from the looks of the above, but you deal with the craziness so well. You are so very loved by each and every one of us

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