Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Hubs is old // 2014

This guy. I am really a fan.  He is a great husband, wonderful daddy and awesome best friend... but the best part, he can't call me old anymore! He is old too!
We celebrated half his birthday with a small family get together (another post will hold the other half of his birthday)  We gathered at our house to grill out, laugh a lot and celebrate this guy.
Baby Davis was intrigued. I am not sure if he is staring at the candles or my hubs' grey hair.
He got some regular presents from his parents.
And then there was this. You see, the siblings don't give each other gifts (there are simply too many of us) but Cameron said he just couldn't resist. He got one for Mike too. Just wait..
Yep, this is how funny this family is. It is normal to own and wear a shirt that says "I pooped today." Twinsies.
Happy birthday you big kid! You keep me young while telling me I am old! Here is to the next 36!!

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