Saturday, May 3, 2014

Party! Party! // Campbell and Davis' Birthday

Nothing like a backyard birthday party! These are always my favorites! The kids run wild and are zonked come nap time!

Campbell and Davis' birthdays are just days apart so it makes sense to combo them up. I WISH my boys birthdays were a little closer, I would combo in a heartbeat!

Of course it only took seconds for the boys to find the swords. I love that they both have on superhero shirts!
Baby Grady... mmmmmmmmmm, yummy!
Yes, he is totally mine. Crazy dude.
Brandon (being shy) and Chaz kickin' it in the kid house.
Dane decided it was his turn in the house. He was pretending like he was on the phone, talking the entire time. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Then he would look at me and say "No mommy. I am on the phone. You go away."
Maybe my favorite picture of the year. Those eyes. I'm in love with this boy!!
Why wouldn't you pick up the bubble machine and walk it across the yard.......
Campbell Kate. Love her!
This boy.. He was being so still and quite..
and then he saw my camera. SMILE!!!!!
Cake time!!
I can't believe he is one!
Of course they got their own cakes. You can only combo so much!
He little doll face is just precious to me!
The wind was terrible. Cameron was such a trouper to keep trying to get the candles lit.
She loved having everyone sing to her. Talk about feeling like a princess.
Then it was time for the baby to get dirty. He wasn't really sure about it in the beginning.
The dedication.. Notice the appreciation on Davis' face. HA!
Not so sure about it.
However Chaz and Brandon were certainly ready for their cupcakes! I love that they are reaching over each other in order to get the perfect one!
Yes, back to the baby. I told you it took a while to get him on board with this cake thing.. I guess ditching the shirt is what really took him to the next level.
He even got a little on the Hubs face.
And then he was done.. no.more.cake.
This makes me laugh. Blue naked baby headed to the bathtub!
Dane was pretty prissy about this cupcake too!
Little Cooper. He is precious. One of my most favoritest kiddos on the planet. It don't hurt that he is super cute as well!
More bubble time!
Marcy and Cameron had the photobooth set up and Chaz spent a majority of the party being a ham.
 He was nice enough to let Brandon get in a few with him. 
I was able to pull the baby into the booth with me. He was a good ham too!
I love SOOOOO many of these pictures but I did decide to pull out a few of my absolute favorites.

This kid. He never ceases to make me smile. Thank you for being the crazy kid we know and love. Thank you for being you!!!
Happy birthday Campbell and Davis! I hope you had an amazing day and we really enjoyed your Frozen party! We had sure a great time!!!!

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