Saturday, April 26, 2014

Touch-a-Truck // 2014

Touch-a-Truck.....We didn't make it last year as we were doing something FAR more important but we decided to make it happen this year. We try to go every year. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we manage to have fun, despite Mother Nature's plan. Either way, we try our best to go every year. I mean, we have boys. Why wouldn't we go?!?!

Well this year will fall in half fail, half pass. Dane started feeling pretty crummy on the way there and it was all downhill for him. This is him literally screaming as we had him sit in Mr Sam's old truck. Yes, I am that mom who takes pictures of said misery. I am awesome like that.
Poor baby
And this would be the pass side. He was so happy! He loved every bit of this day. Which is pretty amazing because he usually taps out in the first 30-45 minutes of anything we do. Maybe he is getting older, is this part of it??!!? If so, I will take it!!
Happy Chaz.. and we thought maybe if we put the baby with his brother, who was having a blast, he would be happy too... Yeah, no.
This is probably the one time he wasn't liking what I was wanting him to do... but how do I pass up the WM truck? I have lived in Bentonville since I was five. Come on kid, play along!
Again, not having it. I blame this one on my hubs. I wasn't going to push this one but the hubs thought it was a good idea.
Now this one, he loved. Of course he loves the Razorbacks!
Not only do they have trucks, tractors, motorcycles, police cars, etc. They have lots of other activities. I think Chaz liked these things a little more than the giant trucks. I didn't really care, as long as he was having fun.
This was his favorite. They were making rockets with paper and tape. Simple, easy and kid approved!
He was such a good listener when this nice man was helping and explaining how to make the most awesome rocket ever!
Then you put the paper rocket on a PVC pipe, which was attached to a hose and an empty plastic 2-liter. Then it was magic time. JUMP!! He loved it. We made an absurd amount of rockets and jumped an absurd amount of times (Yes, even I did it! You have to partake, it is part of the fun of having kiddos!)
So this is really cool. It probably just looks like my kiddos' names on a piece of wood, right?? Well it is, sort of. The cool thing is where this wood is going. It will be used to make the fence at a wonderful new place coming to town. Check this out.  That is right. An AWESOME kids museum coming to little ol' Bentonville, Arkansas. I mean when I was growing up the biggest thing that happened to Bville was when Taco Bell came to town........and I was in HIGH SCHOOL!!!! Note: Dane only got his first name because according to his brother, there wasn't enough room and he didn't really know how to spell his middle name. HA!
This was the Lego made spinner thing. He was obsessed. This was a close second to the rocket maker. We have about 15 paper plates with different color circles on them. Whatever makes him happy!
Bubble car! Why not!
Another rocket before we head out? Notice the teacher dude in the back. They became friends.
The little guy had a bit more energy once the candy showed up.
Hula and jump rope fun ends our trip to Touch-a-Truck.  BTW: If you have never been, You should check it out. It is a good time!!

With these two strong willed boys, I will take a half fail/half pass day. I can't win them all. I have come to understand and accept this. I consider this day a win!

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