Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Break // 2014

Chaz spent the first few days of Spring Break with my parents. He was able to go fishing, Fast Lanes and just hang out with them. Sure great memories.

The rest of us invaded the end of the week and headed to Great Wolf Lodge.We started with lunch at Cracker Barrel. Yes, we can cause chaos wherever we go. This is how we roll. AND we made it out of the store without buying these things. Score one for us!
Love them!
Then this happened. MAJOR hail storm. We were stuck. There was no coverage at all. Every car wash or bank slot was taken.
By the time we made it to Great Wolf Lodge, he was ready.
First stop was to the Build and Bear shop, they both got dragons. I was able to convince them that dragons don't wear clothes. Another score for me, I really didn't want to buy the clothes that cost as much as real clothes. Don't judge me.
The baby never asks to buy anything but could play with everything for hours in the store. Chaz however, wanted a helmet for him and the dragon... No, just no.
We are FINALLY not scared of the costume people! Seriously, this has been a long time coming.
This one, not so much. The screams could be heard in other counties.
After several hours at the water park and enjoying every activity offered, day one's success showed.
Next day was tattoo time. He was so confused.
But super proud of his frog when all was said and done.
Of course we have to visit the penny smashing machine. I think I did this at every place we ever visited, time to pass the torch to my child.
Now they have bracelets and necklaces to hold the penny. That is taking it from 51 cents to about 5 dollars. Genius.
They let you color a T-shirt. It is a lot of fun but as suspected, the kids bailed on me and I was left at a tiny table coloring as fast as I could to finish their shirts. I asked the lady how many moms get left. She said it happens almost every time. Good to know my kids are not the only ones who abandon their momma.
The arcade was AMAZING!! The boys were on cloud nine!
The baby just wanted to run back and forth from game to game. I got my workout, that is for sure!
I am pretty sure neither of these are proper skeeball form.
"Papa, you go over there. I do this myself!" He is bossy independent.
The batman game was a favorite.
He really wanted me to leave him alone. Like leave the arcade and go away mommy.
Boy migrate to guns. All boys do this. It is a proven fact.
I only have to put money in for him. The baby is none the wiser.
Someone hit the jackpot!!
We bought these when we entered the Lodge.. They come with some great perks-- the tattoos, Build-A-Bear Dragon, arcade money, T-shirt coloring, ice cream, the wizard game (more to come on that!) and lots of other things. Bonus!
Sooooo, the wizard game. It really isn't easy. I gotta say. They don't give you clear directions so if you do it wrong, like we did, you have to start all over....and it isn't a short process. Chaz was happy, that is all that really matters!
The hubs was in charge or reading the clues. We were like the blind leading the lame.
Gaga decided to join us while Dane and Papa were napping. Chaz is a little dramatic. Just a little.
He loves her. Simply loves her to pieces!!
Hot mess...
Magical treasure chests. Fun!
Me and my buddy!
Lovin' on the animal people.
Back to the arcade. We couldn't get enough of this.
Pretty cool when the animal person presents your prize to you!
No good explanation.. just a great pic!
She is something amazing. The baby just wanted to watch the she did. Because that is what Gagas do.
A bit groggy but ready to fight with Batman. This kid loves his batmen. Is that right? Plural of Batman? HA!
Then he found brothers glasses and wizard wand. Adorable!
Such a good sport.
He highjacked my shoes. His fashion sense is amazing! Or he is just a hot mess
After dinner the Hubs and I decided to take the boy to finish the wizard adventure. We were leaving the next day and couldn't leave this unfinished. Off we went, pjs and all!
What is this you ask? Well when he leaves in pjs, he forgots his big deal until he needs to go to the bathroom. A good mommy loans her shoes out in situations like this. So I just stood in the hallway, shoeless, and waited on my baby.
Goofy kid.
More wizardry.
Then it was time for bed. Love these two!
Then Gaga let the hubs and I head down to the bar for a few drinks. Yes, this place has a bar. I told you it was awesome!
Sweetness time.
Love these boys!
We had a few more bits of wizardry to complete before we were off.
Well, before we leave do you want to go back to the arcade? Duh
I am fairly certain the hubs enjoyed the arcade as much as the kiddos.
Motorcycle baby!
This kid kicks some air hockey booty!
One token, jackpot.
This was our game. We were machines. Ok, maybe I enjoyed the arcade as much as the kids. I admit it. I love arcades!
What a great mini vacation! Thanks mom and dad for the awesome idea! We must do it again!

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