Saturday, April 12, 2014

Showering baby Avery // 4/2014

What do you do when you sweet friend is expecting her first little one? Well if it is a girl, you slather everything in pink and coral and throw a little shindig! My sweet friend Sarah is expecting a little bundle of joy. We are so excited to celebrate Avery!
My girl and her sweet momma (who is beyond over-the-moon excited for this baby)
and her sister.
Sarah's momma getting some practice with Oliva.
I think they like each other.
Present time! Some practical and some just stinkin' adorable!!
Olivia again. Isn't she precious?!?!
She wasn't really sure about Tena but I think they ended up digging each other. 
And the crew that put it all together. We adore this new momma! And yes, it takes several shots to make sure we all look cute.
Thank you for being you, for letting us celebrate you and being ok with my paparazzi moments! Love ya!

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