Sunday, April 27, 2014

Neighoborhood Fun // Welcome Spring // 4.2014

Our little neighborhood, which just a few years ago only included us and some older people, is just getting bigger and better. I love this place and the people we have come to know as our neighbors and love as our friends.

We have several impromptu dinners a week. The kiddos gather in the front or back yard. They love each other and have such a blast together! 

Little Jack has managed to own the roller coaster. This kid has very little fear. Love him!
He would run next to Jack to make sure he was ok. He can argue with Jack like they are brothers but is still very protective.
And this is how Dane rolls. He is hilarious.
They must have done it a hundred times...or a million.. who is counting.
I don't know how she managed to jump in but Elli was able to get a turn too!
Love this two pictures. Look at that hair. It is amazing!
These boys. They are just like brothers but brothers who actually get along. They would be happy if they spent 24/7 together.
More Jack. I can not get enough of his grin!
More goofy boys!
Yep, this is the night this happened. Jumping on the trampoline with Hayes and Miles. He was pumped and even more pumped that his BFFs were there to witness it.
Miles rarely lets me take his pictures so I was very happy when he gave me the chance. Such a cutie!
And two of my favorite reds. They are just so stinkin' cute!
I know this is blurry but I love her face. Pure bliss.
And these two again. Remember, like brothers. They play hard and laugh harder... and sometimes argue but it doesn't last long!
"Mom, you hold my shoe so I can get Jack!"
Love this picture! He is simply yummy!
I don't know... I think I told them to smile or be cute or something but considering Tay's obsession with Dane, I think this one could be brought out when they are 16.
I crack up at this one. He was watching their antics and clearly not approving. HA!
Goofy kids! The only explanation I have here is flirting!
Probably the worst focused picture of the bunch but I simply wasn't prepared to take it. I just looked up and heard "Here Jack, grab my hand" It was so sweet, I had to capture it no matter the quality. I love these boys!
And what did all the older kids do once we put the kiddos down? iPad, iPod, iSomethingornother.
We have such a blast in this neighborhood. If a warm Spring evening is this much fun, I can't wait to see what Summer brings!!

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