Monday, March 31, 2014

March // 2014

It is the beginning of the month, so of course I get "The" email. Why wouldn't I?!?! It doesn't matter that it is March. It doesn't matter that we have already had 123212334089654 snow days. Nope, let it snow. Let the kids stay home. Let the parents go crazy again. Sounds like fun.
It also sounds like there will be little to no rules in this house for the next few days. "No mommy, I didn't just cram several donuts in my mouth at once. Sure didn't"
And of course, why wouldn't we add to the pain. Let's try this potty training thing again.
No need for clothes when you have a football helmet and a sword.
Or elbow and knee pads. This kid is hilarious!
As the ice, yes ice, continued to fall I found it ironic to see these beautiful flowers on my counter. Where is Spring?!?!
Because this nonsense is happening outside
The boy was wanting to go outside so I made him play in front of the window. It was WAY too cold for me to go outside.
Yes,  I am that mom and took a picture when my son biffed it.
Brother wanted to watch.
Back to the naked baby. Crocs, a gun and a glove--proper attire for a snowday.
And then this happened.. all bundled up for the second day......and he was hot. Really?!?!
The madness started to set in...
My crazy co-workers. Oh, did I fail to mention that? I was on conference calls and working this entire time. Please send my super mom badge to my home address. HAHA!
no words.This kid.
Chaz and the neighborkids decided to draw "chicken pox" all over themselves.
I broke out of the house to see my little buddy across the street. Love him!!
Finally, back to school!! Chaz speaking at an assembly. Proud momma!
Crazy hair for Anna's birthday party!
Skating wore him out!
Happy birthday sweet girl!!
And I even managed to make it out to celebrate my birthday--technically in February but this picture got lost in the mix. Love me some Jess and Justin!
The snow/ice pile...a week later. We had bets on how long this would last.
Pure sweetness
Yes, he slept with the shield.
Crazy hair.
Mommy hair day. Happy!!!
Still there... a few weeks later
My shopping buddy. Yes, this is how we role.
You know spring is close when this starts happening.
Practice with Papa.
Nothing good can come from this. They are smiling now but it won't last. And no, I am not cynical, I am a realist.
See, told you so.
There are times they are sweet. Love these cuties!
Chaz pulled these from the yard and brought them to me. Sweet boy wanted me to have some flowers. Yeah, flowers.
This is what happened when we went to visit baby Grady. I guess if he wasn't holding the baby, he was bored.
And this is what happens when you forget the baby's jacket.
So it you haven't noticed, some strange things happen in my house. Kids don't wear clothes, we have a potty in our bedroom, etc, etc, etc.. But this, this was super bizarre. A sock stuck to the wall. How in creation?!?!
This potty training this may just be the end of me.
This is what happens when you leave your heals out. Presh!
Fruit-by-the-foot, the new fashion accessory.
Love these kids!
and back to the baby.. Why wouldn't Optimus Prime be behind the toilet. Life of a #boymom.

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