Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ugly Sweater party // 2013

As I look back, it looks like I didn't post the last two years...probably because the sweaters/costumes were SO foul. We had fun but it was no place for the kiddos :) 

This year we were a little more tame. A little. Please notice the creeper in the second picture. I die. HA!
I think everyone had a great time.. they were at least all smiles. HAHA!
I did encourage everyone to ham it up a bit. They were so kind to play along.
I mean really, could I have better friends??  And look at Meg's precious little preg belly. She is SUCH a good sport.
My sweet friend Sarah tries to be a good sport but I often get the face of the first picture. She cracks me up!
I will let you figure out Cam's shirt for yourself. A+ Cam, A+. Marcy was creative enough to put a picture of  our first Christmas. Circa 1998, Ryan and Teresa. Awesome!!
I like to be comfy. So when I happened upon Grinch footy pjs at WM, it was a no brainer. The hubs had the Santa costume from year's past.
Goofy, crazy friends. Love them all!!
I have no words for this picture but I love it.
The only past Ugly Sweater Party post EVER.. but it has some additional years at the end. Enjoy! 2010,

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