Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My little Picasso // Chaz's work of 2013

I love the kids' artwork. I am a little bit of a hoarder with it. They both have boxes in their closets that are sorted by year. I have no idea what I will do with them in the future but for now, I keep them.

I spend part of my holiday vacation sifting through the piles to laminate and find my favorites for this post. I did this last year and will do it for many years to come.  The below is work from the boy. I will do a separate post of the ones from the baby. Note: these are in no particular order. It is hard for me but I think it makes it more fun!

Angry birds, duh.
The planet project he did with his Gaga. Pluto will always be a planet in this house. We love some Pluto! :)
First day of school picture. Ahhhhhh.
The poem his teacher sent home on the first day of school. Yes, I cried when I read it again.
This is "a guy trying to get the pink diamond"
We have lots of pictures of helicopters, tanks and missiles in our house. Yep, boymom.
I love this one! Yep, that is a knight. Pretty good, huh?
This would be the Lego police station. It is very accurate portrait of the full size version in his room.
This is a Legoman. Again, another great picture! He is just so detailed.
A satellite
He starting learning longer and more difficult words this year. Of course he is six so his spelling is very phonetic for now.
Ninja Turtles. This is one of my favorites!
Another thing we have an abundance of is ninjas. What else would boys be infatuated with-- tanks, helicopters, Legos and ninjas.
Yes, this is the perfect rainbow.
The police helicopter actually has a little story. They are catching the guy who took the jewels.
Spiderman. Love the face!
Spiderman swinging to the rescue.
Star Wars. That is it, just Star Wars.
This was his version of the United States.... well, the lower west side. I think it is pretty darn good! It was better before he put stickers on it but oh well.
We went to school for Thanksgiving lunch and up on the screen we saw these two pictures. Ahhhh, I heart him!
Just two guys fishing.
And one of my favorite little gems. I love my mom because......she lets me play with my friends, she tucks me in at night, she cooks me dinner, she buys me Legos and she lets me go where I want to. Pretty accurate.

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