Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December // 2013

Guess who got a new tree this year?? YIPPEE!!! I love it. Simply love it. It fits our room so much better and is super easy to put together.
I am a little addicted to trees. I have this Razorback on by my front door, a white one with black and white pictures in my dining room and a little small kids tree upstairs. I failed to get pictures of the last two this year. I really want one for the corner of my kitchen next year. If anyone sees trees for a good price, let me know!!
I love this face. He was super stoked to see his surprise that morning.
Lego advent calendar and the Elf on the shelf. Yes, I had to buy an entirely new one because THIS happened last year (halfway down the post) Damn dog. We never told the kids about the canine attack, I am pretty sure it would have scared them for life. So they were none-the-wiser of this "new elf." The funny thing is Chaz decided to rename him. We watched the movie the night before, yes there is a movie about this guy, and in the movie the elf is named Chippy.. So now our elf is named Chippy.
Although we had many nights of "CRAP!! Did you move the elf??" We had a few days where we were creative.
He was taking a picture with his phone, an old Nokia flip phone. Monkey see, monkey do.
Chippy brought his own stocking.
Chaz did a great job of getting Dane excited to find Chippy every morning. He would drag Dane out of his crib and they would run throughout the house before coming in our room yelling "WE FOUND CHIPPY!!!"
This was my view every night. Ahhhhhhh. I love this time of year!
Chaz has some of the best friends in our neighborhood. They are always going back and forth between houses. I LOVE them all and love it even more when I get texts like this. Precious!!
The hubs did not get the memo that Movember ends at the end of November.
I harassed him one morning about being burly so, while at work that morning, my phone blew up with text messages. He decided to send me the progress.
What.a.goober. He is allllll mine. Stand back ladies!
Chaz made Dane a card AND put it in a bag. Such a sweet older brother.
One evening we decided to eat dinner early, toss the kids in the car and head to the square to look at lights. We got within 1 minute of the lights and I turned to see this, zonked.
This is my regular life. They are so stinkin' precious.
Did you know they have homework in kindergarten? Neither did I until 7pm on a Sunday afternoon.. WHOOPS! It wasn't an easy one either. Make a timeline of your life, that is all. Mad dash to get some pictures on a jump drive and the hubs to Walgreens for prints.
Chaz has such a kind heart....or is planning for the future.
My MIL always orders the boys letters from Santa. They look forward to it every year. I love this tradition!!
I love where we live. I love that we are up on a beautiful mountain. I love that my bedroom is full of windows. I love that I get to enjoy beautiful sunrises like this. LOVE.
Why wouldn't you eat dinner while sitting ON each other?
I had a little helper while wrapping presents.
I started by trying to take a little selfie with the boy but he quickly look over my phone. THIS is what happens when a two year-old mans the phone. He is so stinkin' cute!!
While wrapping presents he decided to use my wrapping paper organizer--aka my laundry cart-- as a hideout.  It does a great side job during the month of December.
We had some great evenings with the cousins over the break. These kids are a blast!
Another epic moment of the break.... Anna decided she wanted to draw a mustasche on her uncle.. no he wasn't really sleeping and yes he was totally sober.
Then it just went from bad to worse.
Every kid was into the fun. Except Mike, he is obviously bored and on his phone.

Total madness.
I have not laughed that hard in a long time.. One of the best parts was when I asked him if they were washable markers. You should have seen his face. Amazing!
Just a little more of the chaos.
I mean for reals. I married this crazy kid!! The color did wash off, by the way.
We enjoyed a few days with just Chaz. The baby really needs the routine of school and it is nice to be able to devote some time to just one kiddo. He felt pretty special.
We also did a day with the cousins to Silver Dollar City. And then my phone died so this is the only picture I have. At least he is cuteness!!!!
We were blessed to enjoy a baby announcement. Baby girl Huhn is due in May. Congrats to Sarah and Mike!!
Chaz and the hubs got to enjoy a few Razorback games.
He ALWAYS gets a T-Shirt. I have no idea how he does but he does.
One of our good friend's momma lost her dog. Chaz never met said dog but was so upset because it was FREEZING outside that he decided to make a sign and post it to a pole. Yes, that totally happened. Bad news, I don't think this particular sign did much good. Good news, the dog was found and my kid has a heart of gold.
It was freezing rain during the Wreaths Across America this year.  I was so sad that we were not all able to go, this has become a tradition. However, I was so proud that my husband decided to take one for the team in order to make sure my Papa, cousin and many others were taken care of. Love that man!!
Not sure. Some pictures just don't have a good story.
Snow days make kids crazy..... and thuglike.
And now for my monthly funnies. Enjoy!!
Yes, forgive the language above but you can't say they aren't funny because they totally are.
And the dog strikes again. I am not sure he is going to make it to 2014... Why can't dogs chew things that don't matter???

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