Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas time at the Square // 2013

One of my favorite holiday traditions is going to our beautiful square with my parents. I has a bagillion lights and is simply stunning!!! It usually happens just as it did this year, a call to my parents telling them they need to come down in the next few days as the weather is about to turn bad. We do it on the last decent night available, without fail.

Dinner are Damn Goode Pies and we are off to the square. The lights are beautiful..but we quickly migrate to the camels. Usually we switch off who will ride the camel with the kiddos. This year, we didn't even have to try and recollect to the year before... the hubs took one for the team when a camel came to my work, so it was my turn.
Up we go!
My sweet momma just trying to keep warm.
Family picture! I love this crew!
And my sweet parents! God bless these two.
The boys had a great time just playing in the lights and being the little hams they are.
Of course we bought swords....why wouldn't we buy swords they could/would break in less than a day.
Starting to get a little sleepy.

He was a little excited.. his Papa stood in line for nothing less than 45 minutes to get this little guy a funnel cake. I know, he is something else. Just to note, the funnel cake was delicious!!!!
Second wind!!

My little jedi men. So darn cute!!!

A little bit of throwback for you..2012, 2009--not sure what happened to the other years.. :/

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