Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving // 2013

Thanksgiving is one of my holidays. Probably because it is really the start of the holiday season and I get to see all my family!

My cousin asked me to take some pictures of her family. I love to take pictures so I didn't mind a bit. Unfortunately, this is the day I realized I really do need a new camera. To all my photographer friends, give some recos!

Alexis, her boyfriend Rob and Kelsey.
Kelsey and her boyfriend. HAHAHA!
I think Dane likes the holidays too. He is never short of love and hugs with this family around.
Chaz tried to play a trick on me. He said someone was sleeping in his bed.
As we gathered for prayer, my kid decided to show off his moves. What a goofball.
Daddy always calls us to one room for the prayer. There are (obviously) way too many of us to eat in one room so this is how we come together.
It was also my Uncle's birthday so we got to celebrate him!
More goofiness after the prayer.
The kids want to play in the dog pin? Lock them up!
The hubs got the crappy duty. Literally.
Evan! Love him!!
Sadly my camera died right after we got to my in-laws. I usually take a ton of the kiddos. Booooooo!
Every year I promise myself I will get more photos of the entire family. This is really the only time my entire family is together. And every year when I look back to post, I fail. And every year I just want to kick myself in the bum. Ugh. I WILL get better. I will. Next year, I challenge all my family to make me take pictures-- of everyone, not just the kiddos!! And to make sure I get pictures of myself!

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