Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Hollow Harvest Festival // 2013

Chaz started Kindergarten this year and it has been a blast so far. Our first big event was the Happy Hollow Harvest Festival. Talk about a good time!

Chaz was so excited. He totally dressed up like a cowboy and was ready to go!
Ryan volunteered to park cars so I was left to chase the rugrats. I didn't mind. It was really a great time. It was funny.. we got there, took a look around at all the activities and then Chaz and Dane headed strait to the playground-- you know, the things he plays on Hilarious!
Once he warmed up to the event he migrated to the hay bales. Could he be any cuter. Seriously!
So, I was fine with it at first. The kids were having a great time. That was until a few little crap kids (yes, I said it!) came in and started tossing kids off the bales. I know I am a little overprotective but this was just stupid. It was a good five feet down and all I could think was tons of broken arms.. nevermind the fact that there were kids landing on each other. It was no bueno!! I sent this video to the hubs as he was parking cars....ugh. Before my MommaBear came out, a teacher came over and in her biggest I-am-a-teacher-so-you-better-listen-up-voice said "If I see ANYONE pushing or ruffhouseing you WILL be asked to leave" Thank you to that teacher. I tucked my MommaBear back in. Whew.
Back to bliss and sanity with the baby bear.
and my sweet sweaty Kindergartener.
And then it happened. THIS is why I don't have girls. My ears were ringing for HOURS. Seriously, hours and if I ever hear "What does the Fox say" it will be WAY too soon. School Dance #1.
But the baby loved the light show, like a little rave baby. Geez.
Again.. the Fox and his stupid song. Chaz was having an absolute blast so I guess I am ok with it!
Thanks, Happy Hollow! We will be back every year. It was such a good time. Just please, kill the fox.

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