Monday, September 30, 2013

September // 2013

We were lucky enough to have a bit of warm weather and enjoy the end of the Summer in the pool. Obviously, my kiddos are quite the fans of the water.
And the hubs always get volunteered when I don't want to get in. It is in his job description.

We met some of our friends for a bit of tailgating. The boy climbed a tree..
and the little made a friend.
I can totally gauge when my kids are about to lose it. I have a good intuition when it comes to impending meltdowns. Chaz had a witching hour when he was a baby and I was known to start packing up our stuff in the middle of dinner. I knew if we did not leave the public space, it was about to be EPIC! My husband NEVER believes me when I tell him it is time to go. He usually shrugs me off and tries to ignore my request for as long as humanly possible. I have never been wrong. This day was no exception. The convo went something like this

T- "Babe, we need to head out in the next 10 or so, the boys are tired and won't last much longer" 
R- "Nahhhh, they are fiiiiiine"
          9.5 minutes later
T- "Babe, for reals. We need to go"
          25 seconds later
C- "Can we goooooooooooooo? I waaaaaaaana goooooooooo"
          .3 seconds later
T- "So, you ready now?"
R- "Ok"

This was about one minute into our walk from the tailgate. Score another for mother's intuition.
I have no idea where we are here.. I cannot figure it out to save my life but I have two smiling boys.
Late night porch sitting equals regripping Ryan's golf clubs. You really can't say anything to my dad and expect no immediate action. Love him!
I love this. My parents need like 40 of these as I was a terrible teenager.
As mentioned in a previous post, we have new neighbors!!! Dave's mom FB messaged me asking if she could have a wagon shipped to our house for Jack. Of course I said yes. She wanted it to be at there house when Meaghan and Jack arrived. We kept in our garage for weeks. We refused to just put the box on the porch, what fun is that?!?! So we put it together, with the help of a little person.
Put a bow on it with a note from his Grandparents. I actually messaged her to see exactly what she wanted on the card. We LOVE our new neighbors and doing this for them and sweet little Jack made my heart smile.
Dane has taken up reading to himself. What a cutie!
We went for dinner at the neighbor's house and Merrick was sweet enough to ready Dane and AJ a book.
So very true. Times 2!
Why not have a bomb pop for dinner?!?!
Some nights are worse than others.
and some mornings are MUCH funnier than others. This kid is a riot!!
Has anyone seen Final Destination 1 or 2 or 4, 5, 6....... Ugh
My sweet boys playing in the morning. I love these two!!
Two kid problems. When you only have a stroller that seats one. They are good sports about it!
I mean, for reals. Could he be any cuter?!?!
Baby selfie
One of my VERY favorite people moved to Texas .. I am so very sad for me -- I don't get to see her everyday BUT so happy for her, she will do GREAT things!!
Yes, I still have her notes at my desk. They will probably be there forever and I don't do sticky notes so this is really a big deal.
My kid is a rock star. They get a color dot everyday based on their behavior. There are 6 color options with pink being the highest and purple second. The green dot was a day when they had a sub. When his teacher returned and saw green (middle of the road) she actually wrote that she was out so we would know. Love her!
I think I will put stickers all over my body instead of wearing clothes today.
He is his father's child.
Babies in a toy box! This is Dane and his new BFF Jack.
My only of the month, but this is a good one. Happy September, Y'all!

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