Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mason's 6th birthday // 2013

One of our favorite parties of the year is Mason's. His parents (and grandparents!) always do SUCH a great job. From a party with Teepees and fun treats to Superheros, this party never fails to impress. And we always have SUCH a fun time!! This year it was a GIGANTIC blow up jumpy, obstacle course thingy.
and fun in the sun. The weather was perfect and the kids were happy as clams.
Even the dads got to play!
Thank goodness we have a friend who does face painting. I need to sign her up for Chaz's next party. She is AMAZING!! There is the birthday boy! Getting his tat! HA!
Then it was time for candles. Yes, we have another sparkler. These things were a hit this year!
And then we stuff the baby with sugar. Awesomesauce.
Dane loved playing on the play-set. I simply could not keep him off of it!
I love this picture. I just hope he doesn't think he can fly. He would be the child that would try.
Minimal food was consumed.. but they had fun and three of the four got the red shirt memo.
This picture cracks me up.. You know why? Because the hubs is slowly learning from my OCD (we have been together 15+ years) He noticed about 80% of the party kids were standing in line waiting to get some part of their body painted... So instead of letting them just stand there, he took a list of names, added in the ones who still wanted to be painted and sent them on their way to play. No need for a line, we just called their names when it was their turn. Nice work and good listening, Grasshopper!
Group picture!
and total chaos. The kids were having a ball!!
and Dane made a little girlfriend.
It took me awhile but I finally got Dane to get painted.
Nothing is cooler than your arm matching your shirt. Love it!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MASON! You are one of our favorite little fellows!!

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