Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lucas' Birthday // 9.2013

Another birthday, told you we have them multiple times a week! This one was for Lucas. He and Chaz have been best of buddies for years now. Can you guess what the theme was?
They had it at the Boys & Girls club which is great for a Fall birthday. It has an inside pool! We did this last year for Chaz's 5th birthday and it was a blast.
This is Lucas' little sister. Isn't she precious!!
As usual, the hubs gets volunteered for swimming and I man the baby. I don't think he minds too much.
Chaz used to be scared of the big slide but not this year. The boys had such a blast!
Even the dads! HA!
The baby did eventually get in the pool but I don't think he lasted more than 3.25 minutes.
Lucas manned this pool like a champ!
This was within the 3.25 minutes. Maybe that is why he wanted to get out. Hahaha!
I love that Chaz wasn't scared of the slide. It is great to see your children conquer fears. Love him!!
Then the boys (Lucas, Jerry and Chaz) decided to all go down together. Heart them.
The kiddos checking out all the goodies.
Birthday boy!!
Present time! Chaz was so excited to get Lucas a Lego watch like the one he has. I think Lucas was pleasant surprised.
More Legos, more Legos, more Legos. I tell you, there boys are like two peas in a pod!
The light saber was also top of the list.
Such a cutie!
The third amigo, Jerry.
Ninjago Lego cake. Super cute!!

I think it was rather tasty. You know, judging by these faces.
Happy Birthday Lucas!
Check out his 5th birthday here

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