Saturday, August 17, 2013

We miss you, Old Fart // 8.2013

It is an anniversary we celebrate every year. It is a bittersweet one but one in which we have a dedicated tradition. We miss my Papa so very much but we have a wonderful family who comes together every year and releases balloons in his memory.
 We have always released red balloons but apparently all the red balloon trucks failed to deliver that day. Next best thing was yellow. We release red ones as it was his favorite color and he ALWAYS wore red on Fridays in support of the troops. So with that same respect and sentiment, we chose yellow.

Chaz has taken part in this event every year. Actually, he now asks to release any balloons he gets. He wants them to go to his mommy's Papa. What a sweet boy I have! 
Meme got white ones as the yellow balloon truck was also running low on balloons :) She gathered everyone and said a few sweet words.
 She had a lot of people, and yellow balloons, there to support her.
 Love, love, love these people!
 And they were off!
The baby was not happy he had to give up his balloon. He will have to keep with this tradition every year, so hopefully he will get used to it!
 We all watch.... and squint
 and shade...
 and squint some more..
 Until every last balloon is a tiny, tiny speck in the sky. We love you and miss you so very much!!!
 After the balloon release, the boys wanted to play on the motorcycle.
 Such a good big brother!!
It took about 3.5 seconds for them both to pass out. We enjoyed the twins birthday party that morning so they were a little pooped. Oh and Chaz won a disco ball at FastLanes, hence the fancy 'pillow."

If you would like to view years past, check it out here -- 2012, 2011, 2010  Such a wonderful tradition for such a wonderful man. We miss you, Old Fart!!! (If you knew him, you would know that is really a term of endearment :)

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