Saturday, August 24, 2013

Michelle's bday // 2013

My cousin is so wonderful and special! I love that we all gather to celebrate birthdays. So much fun!!!
 The boys just adore her! 
 And Chaz certainly loves anyone who will let him help blow out candles. 
 Cutie stealing his brother's shoes.
 And wrestling Papa. 
 I love that my daddy is fun, and agile, enough to get on the floor and wrestle with my boys. And I think it is hilarious that the baby is still wearing his brother's shoes throughout the wrestling event. HAHA!
They were trying to give him zerberts! I am not sure if that is even how you spell that but if you watched the Cosby Show, you know what I am talking about!!
 After cake, presents and wrestling, we headed to the pool. 
I still, still cannot believe my momma let him partake in this activity. She is suppose to be the safe one!! HAHAHA! I guess every once and while the apple falls off the cart.
 The good news is he made it to the other side in one piece.
 He was soooooo proud of himself!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd we let him do it again! Yep, I stood by and let him run across the pool mat bridge. Not that I wouldn't have done it as a kid but he is mine and I would like for him to keep all his teeth!
 Dane was safe, just kickin' it with his Papa. 
 Happy Birthday Michelle!! We love you so very much!!!

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