Saturday, August 3, 2013

Alexis' 18th Birthday // 8.2013

Alexis has had some major events this year-- a photoshoot, Senior prom, graduation and her 18th birthday! I swear she should not be 18 years old!!
We all gathered at my parents house to celebrate herbirthday. Alexis was so excited to share this day with lots of friends and family!

We actually all took pictures with Alexis throughout the day so that my aunt (her Nana) could put them in a scrap book. She had us all write words of wisdom and encouragement. Next to our words, she placed our picture with Alexis. Very cute idea! I wonder what words of wisdom I would have received when I was 18... Nevermind, I'm pretty sure I could guess!
 Kelsey, Michelle and Alexis.
 Alexis and Bill.
 Alexis and Linda
 One of her guy friends
 My cutie hubs
 Me and the birthday girl!
 Alexis and her Grandpa!
 Alexis and my goofy daddy.
 More friends and her Nana. 
 My sweet momma!
 And my precious Meme with her Great granddaughter.
 Love this look!! She is so proud of her Alexis.
 After some food and conversation it was time for fun in the sun!
 Kid launch!
 Kelby is such a cutie!!
 Zoe was relaxing!
 I can't believe I let this happen... actually, I don't think I really got a vote. Oh well, nobody got hurt!
Braylee and Dane decided they would rather play with trucks. Note, they can both stand, walk and run but I guess there is nothing like playing on your belly!!
 This is his smile face. Classic.
 Time for presents!!
 and cake!!
 And more pictures with the rest of the folks. Dane wasn't really a fan but he really does love her!!
 Samantha and Alexis.
 Teddy, Alexis and Bettye
 Natran and Alexis
 Michelle, Braylee and Alexis. 
 Alexis and happy baby, Kelby!
 Nana and Alexis.
And then we let the baby play in the gutters and the rain. Why not? Isn't this how all good parties end? Dancing in the rain!!
 Happy birthday, Alexis!! I hope you had a fantastic one and were surrounded by those who love you so very much!!

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