Monday, July 29, 2013

School Field Trip // 7.2013

What is this? Oh this is the result of signing up to tag along for a school field trip to the movies. HA! Chaz's school does one field trip day every week during the summer. We were able to tag along for this one.
The hubs and I waited outside the theater to see them arrive on the bus. Chaz loves to ride the bus. Oh and we didn't tell Chaz we were coming. We wanted him to be super excited.
I think it worked. He is the one in the green shorts with the excited face.
Look at all of them.. What did we sign up for??
Turbo in 3D. Sooooo fun!

They were all SO good. We only had one talker and it was minimum. So proud of all these littles
He was so excited and grinning for ear to ear. Ignore the random bracelet he is holding. He wanted it to be in the picture. Silly kid.
The hubs was able to tag along to a few other trips and was sweet enough to send me photos.

And putt putt in 100 degree weather. I am kinda glad I wasn't able to do this one. :)
I love that his school does this and really love that they let us tag along when we can.

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