Saturday, July 27, 2013

Meme and Sandra bday // 2013

We were lucky enough to enjoy two special birthdays at the same time. Meme and Sandra are only a day apart so we celebrate them together.

This picture makes my heart smile.
Kelsey and Meme.
Kelsey, Sandra and Alexis.
Love this one too!!
Kelsey and her Nana.
Meme got to go first. The big 8-7. She is looking pretty good for 87, huh?
Aunt Sandra. This is the most pictures I have EVER been able to take of her so thinking we would get numbers on her cake was pretty funny.

Dane was very impressed with Meme's new wind chime.
 And then Chaz got a hold of my camera. I think these are quite hilarious.

Uncle Gayle.


 Bettye and Gaga

The hubs and Alexis. I guess these are the few things he felt were important and needed pictures.
A little toast with this sweet lady. She is something spectacular.
We got to spend some time outside enjoying the beautiful day! MUSCLES!!
 Dane found the water drip from the plants. Hence the no shirt. He was a total mess!!

Meme stuffing his face with cake.
and then he decided to take over. Love it!!
Happy birthday to you two crazy redheads. We love you very much!!!

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