Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July // 2013

We had such a fun Summer. We were constantly on the go and getting into something.

One evening we joined my work crew for a little kickball fun. I figure the boys would have a great time and I was right. We had a minor poo vs pants battle as soon as we arrived but we decided to just clean him up and let him go sans the pants. He didn't care and everyone thought he was pretty stinkin' cute!
Hands down, my favorite photo of the summer. I love these littles.
I found this little scrap piece of paper in Chaz's room. All I can figure is that he thinks his daddy is a superhero. LOVE IT!!
Chaz got a surprise for good behavior. I think he liked it.
and we got the little guy something as well. They were both good.
One afternoon I came home and Wrigley was in the house. This is a HUGE negative as he tends to munch on things he shouldn't. I called the hubs to ask him about it and he said there was no way Wrigley could be in the house. As I looked down to see the dog at my feet, I begged to differ. He then told me he had made this excellent contraption on the back doggy door so Wrigley couldn't get in... Yeah, the dog is smarter than you. He used his nose and slide the blocker up in order to gain access to the door. Amazing. Dog-1 Hubs-0
Just so stinkin' cure. I mean seriously!!!
I had a happy hour with some girlfriends, which means the hubs and the boys go out for dinner somewhere I don't like. As I was out I received this text.  I guess the chocolate fountain at the Golden Corral wired them just a little.
After said balloon animals, the hubs made the TERRIBLE promise to buy Chaz a balloon animal making kit. Yes, a balloon animal making kit. I am glad this picture doesn't have sound because he didn't use his nice words during this process. There was a little sweating and a lot of busted balloons
He got a balloon stick.
Some sayings I came across this month. Love these!!
Precious little cutie!
I frequent Panera. It is yummy and close to my work. I was taken back to the stone ages one day...they went from buzzers to numbers on a stick. Really??
I asked the hubs to make the boy something to munch on for breakfast... Yes, this is toast COVERED in cinnamon and sugar. Boys -1, Hubs-0
I love the random things in life. Baby reading in the hallway, random.
Well where else would you put your Batman ring. Duh.
Guess who got a night on the town? Yep, this momma. Hellllllllllllloooooo Dickson street!!
Happy, Happy momma!!
This brother highjacked the other brother's bed at Gaga and Papa's house one afternoon. He was fighting a nap and said he wanted to go to brother's bed.. We granted his request and within minutes he was o.u.t.
Yes, we shaved the hubs' head .. Look at all that grey!!!
Sometimes they all end up in my bed.
Meme gave him this little green cup and all I think about is Si's cup on Duck Dynasty. This one is also probably 40 years old. Chaz loves it!
Wrigs highjacked the baby seat. I guess he is trying to make his place in the family.
We have struggled sometimes to get Wrigley to eat. One afternoon at my parent's house, Dane decided to be the enforcer.
He was a little memorized with seeing himself on my phone and he had some leftover cereal bar on his face but he was still super cute!!
This kid loves his condiments. So much so, he eats them with a spoon. Jelly... mmmmmmmmm.
Chaz is a heck of an artist. This day's treat was Army helicopters, jeeps and tanks. Well done!
Weekend mornings are the best. Love these little blondies.
Just hanging out, playing in Papa's hats.
Poor boy struggled a little when we moved him from a car seat to a booster seat. How are you supposed to sleep in these things???!?! Poor kiddo.
One evening I came home from work to see the hubs standing in the driveway across the street, talking to what looked to be a nice young couple and drinking a beer. Although this shouldn't seem very odd, seeing as how we are outside all.the.time in the summer, I didn't know these people and he seemed to be talking to his new best friends. Well come to find out, they were our new neighbors! They had just purchased the house across the street. They were the sweetest couple relocating from the Northeast. The fact that they like to drink beer in the driveway was a double bonus. We knew immediately they would fit right in!  The hung out with us that night but they weren't coming back for over a month :( The day I saw this in their front yard I posted it to FB. I LOVE our new neighbors!! More to come on this sweet couple and their even sweeter than sweet little boy, Jack!
And time for the funnies of the month. As you know, I like to capture things on my phone that I see randomly about town, on FB, Pinterest, etc.. Enjoy and try not to laugh too loud!
And I love that I get E! News alerts. I should turn them off but how would this NOT make you laugh in the middle of a very long client meeting. Yep, made me giggle.

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