Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July // 2013

As suspected, we headed to the summer house (aka my parents)  It took us about 2.25 seconds to get into our swimsuits and claim our spots by the pool .
Chaz really liked Papa's decorations.
Such the goober!!
Nothin' better than a baby sleeping, a kiddo having a good old time and a momma relaxing in the sun! Excellent combo!
Once he was awake, it was full on fun in the sun! Big brother was being so sweet pushing little brother in his boat.
His form is amazing!
He looks quite beefy.
He was trying to pretend to be asleep but kept giggling. Precious.
More crazy jumping fun!!
Dane wanted to help Daddy out of the pool but I just don't think he was strong enough. He kept saying "Geeeeeet oooooouuuuuuuuuttttt"
Uncle Shane and Papa tried to teach him how to kick with the kickboard. Adorable!
And then it was ninja antics with Chaz and Uncle Shane!
Baby sunbathing.
Dunking Shane. Dane thought it was hilarious!
That evening we headed down to First Friday in Bentonville. I really, really love my hometown. It really wasn't anything to boast about as I was growing up. I mean, it was nice but nothing like it is today. Lets just say I vividly remember when we got a Taco Bell. It was a BIG deal. Now it is listed as a top ten place to live. Really?? My little hometown? Sure enough!
 I think this picture is hilarious. Look how thrilled my brother looks. He was such a good sport but this face really says "Yeah, they made me come"
 Sweet baby face. Nothing better than a sweet baby face. 
 Free popcorn?? That may be better than a baby face.... nah.. not really
 We waited in line FOREVER so Chaz could do this bungee thing. I am so glad he liked it because I think I would have taken him out if he didn't. Really, it was a LONG wait.
 A local photographer stopped by to take a picture of my cuties. She took one of Dane during Toyland last year. She puts them on Facebook and does a contest by votes. I will never win as there are those crazy people who break the system. Seriously, if you go from 42 to 9000 likes in 24 hours.. I think you have rocked the system. Either way, I came out with this precious picture. I LOVE it!! Thanks Emily McArthur!

 The gang! Love this family!!
 Shane and Lisa enjoying our square. 
 I could go on and on about this picture but I really don't have to. These two really know how to do this marriage thing. Together over forty years and still going strong. 
 The next day the entire family came over to join us for the fun in the sun! they enjoyed lunchtime with Meme. She is simply precious sitting at the boy's little plastic picnic bench!
Dogs, dogs and more dogs. Glad they all get along.
No clue.. but it sure makes me giggle.
He just wants to be like his daddy. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I love days like this!
This is his response to "where is ....."  "I no, no. (I don't know)" Love this kiddo!!
Somehow Teddy got roped into feeding Dane dinner. It takes a village, right?
After dinner you play outside in your diaper. Oh the joys of being a kid. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!
Then it was time for fun. Our 'fun' has become way more kid friendly and realistic as the years have gone by. This is the loot. It is always a big deal for Chaz and Papa to be able to go to the firework stand and buy fireworks. This year was no different.
I planned on putting the baby to bed before the festivities but everyone thought that was a terrible idea.
and it took one firework ...
to get to this. He HATED it!!! I guess they should all listen to his momma next time :)
We tried to calm him by letting him play with the little car ones. That lasted until the next firecracker was lit and then it was off to bed for this little one.
Such a cutie. He loves to pick them out and buy them with Papa but when it comes to lighting them, he is a little standoffish.
Parachute man!
Yeah, not a huge fan. As long as he can do it his way, he is fine. This is his way :)
Fireworks with momma! I was the only one who could get him to do anything. Makes me feel a little special.
This is my dad's face when looking at my husband playing with fireworks. It is a look that clearly says "Ryan, please do be an idiot. These are gunpowder and paper. You may need all your fingers to continue your life ahead" Yes, it is that look.
Late night arm wrestling between brothers. HAHA! This is ALWAYS an argument. Oh boys.
Two of my favorite dudes on the planet!!
The next morning it was back into the swimsuits and the sunshine! Sweet brothers.

My little sports guy.

Chaz made a new game of hitting the bubbles with his bat. Whatever is fun, huh?
Not really how you work bubbles, son.
Or how you work the pool float. This kid has so much to learn. HAHAHAHA!
Why not get in the pool in your shorts?? I mean is there really THAT big a difference?? Not really. He loves to try and surf in the pool. Who didn't try to do this as a kid??
Just chillaxin'
Until his Daddy tipped him. And so it begins.
He is so good at this!
When we got home we enjoyed a little neighborhood fun. Love all these kids!
I love the sign behind Taylor. If you knew her, you would understand how appropriate it is!

Happy Forth everyone!!

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