Sunday, June 30, 2013

Father's day // 2013

Father's day was fantastic weather so we headed to Bentonville  to spend time with my dad and time in the pool. What a wonderfully relaxing weekend with the fam. 

This is our famous baby toss shot. They LOVE this!
It is getting a little hard with the bigger kid but the hubs is a champ and tries. Note the kiddo's hand placement in second picture: he has to hold his pants to keep them from falling down. Love it!!
This is the mini version of the baby toss.
And what do Father's get to do on Father's day? Well, take a nap. Duh!
And the dogs get to join in on the napping fun.
Once all the naps were done, it was time for presents.
Then we were off to show the other Dad some love. Sadly with all these cute kiddos around, I didn't even get a shot of our Dah. Poor Dah. 

Gotta love when the ice cream man shows up BEFORE dinner. Oh well. Father's day and Summer, who am I to argue? This guy made a mint on this one little stop in a cute little cul-de-sac.

The first set of pictures they were pretty calm. I think they may have been in shock with getting ice cream before dinner.
Take note: bomb pops make my kids happy!
After some of the sugar soaked in and the dads starting acting a fool behind me, they began to show those beautiful smiles. Love this bunch of cuties.
I guess he decided to do a little light reading after his diaper.
We decided to work off some of the energy with some football in the backyard.
Ben is looking a little special here but I think this picture is hilarious
Brandon and Dane were far more interested in the iPhone game.

Could he be any cuter? Ignore the terrible sunburn. I totally earned my Mom of the Year award on this day. I 100% forgot to put sunscreen on my kid. Seriously. I usually slather them but this day I forgot. Terrible mother.
Gotta end it with the newest edition to this family. He is such a sweetie pie.
Happy Father's day!! To the hubs--without you, I wouldn't have these cute little munchkins and life wouldn't be near as fun. You are an amazing dad to our little ones. I am so happy I chose you for this journey. To my Popsicle -- you are the best daddy on the planet! You are amazingly supportive, caring and loving. You are a true teacher and helper to everyone you encounter. Your character is unmatched. To our Dah -- You are a wonderful man who is loved by so many. You gave me the hubs and for that I am forever grateful (even if he drives me nutty sometimes.) You are always willing to help and lend a hand. I know some of the best qualities I see in the hubs came directly from you. To my brother in-laws, cousins, uncles and friends-- there are a ton of good dads that surround our life. You are all amazing! Thank you all for being wonderful dads!

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