Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day weekend/Bdays // 5.2013

Memorial Day weekend is spent at my parents house. It is a mixture of outdoor fun, pool time, lots of food, drinks and birthdays!

We spent a ton of time in the yard playing baseball.
He had quite the audience!
Sweet baby Dane!
Kelby rocking the party hat. No, it was not his birthday but who doesn't want to rock the party hat?!?!
We celebrate our birthdays in groups. This time it was Kelsey, Teddy, Bettye and the Hubs.
Goober kid waiting to scare the birthday boy.
I guess they were bored and decided to stare out the window. HA!
Happy birthday kids!
This is when you know you are a grown-up when you get an air compressor for your birthday and you are PUMPED!!!
Oddly, I don't know why I don't have any pool pictures..HA!  Anyways, it was a great weekend with great family and friends!!

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