Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fletcher's 7th birthday // 2013

Chaz's buddy for life turned the big 0-7 this year! We celebrated Fletcher with a pool party in a local hotel. I have to give some major credit to his parents as this was pretty genius. We had the pool all to ourselves on an otherwise chilly May day and we got to use a hospitality room for the cake and presents. Genius!!
 Blurry but funny!
 He was having a BLAST!!
 I got quite a few action shots of Chaz. He has no fear when it comes to swimming.
 Smile, Momma is taking your picture! 
 These best of friends had the greatest time! They were simply full of energy. All I could think was, they will sleep really well tonight. Is this what all momma's do when they see their kiddos playing hard? I think I am probably pretty normal in this thought.
 Lots of Fletcher's friends joined us for the swimming fun!
 And his grandpa was in charge of the ring throwing!
The hubs took one for the team by being one of the few adults who actually got in the swimming pool but he also gained a buddy by hauling Henry around the pool along with Dane.
 Then it was time for cake. Who doesn't love cake?? Well, besides me.. Hahaha!
 He was so excited to be the center of attention and have us all sing to him. Love this kiddo!
 Present time!!
 I looked around to see where Chaz was because I noticed he was nowhere near Fletcher as he was opening the presents, which was really odd. I look over to see this. Yes, he is working the waffle maker. I did tell you we were in the hospitality room. I guess he was making the most of it!
 Now, back to the presents.
 Legos and Superheros..Always a theme of little boy's birthday parties. 
This was our gift, so you know I just love this look of excitement. I love when someone (big or small) loves the present we gave them. That will warm your heart in a quick second!!
Happy birthday Fletcher. You are growing up to be such a good kid. Even though you are seven, you are still just a tiny little bit in my mind. We love you so very much!

Last year he was 6, the year before he was 5, before that he was 4, I am missing a few years in between as it was pre-blog but this is the story of the day he decided he was ready to join this crazy world.

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