Friday, May 31, 2013

Campbell is 3!! // 5.2013

This little lady turned 3 this year!! She is a total spitfire and cute as a button. She is simply adorable.
She had a great party at a local place, The Monkey House! I didn't take a ton of pictures as I was WAY too busy chasing kiddos. You can tell the amount of fun-jump-bounce-house fun they had based on the amount of sweat in Chaz's hair. That is a LOT of fun!
I soon was captivated by what was going on at the little kid table. Cooper looks great but please take a moment to look at the kid on your left. Yes, that is my boy. Yes, he is a "little bit" pink.
Or a "lot a bit.."
I am not kidding when I tell you his hands and face were literally stained for days. Seriously, days!!
Clean as a whistle. They may look alike but they are totally different!
Happy birthday precious little girl! I hope you had a great day with people who love you to pieces!! You are crazy adorable and we love you so very much!!!
If you want to look back, check it here. Campbell is TWO, ONE and NEW!

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