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April // 2013

April we gooooooooooooooooo!!!!

One of the baby's favorite things to do is to "drive." Yes, we let him do this... in the driveway.  I mean, can you deny him.. check that face!
 I love that he stops for a refreshing drink.
 This kid is such a happy little monkey!
 Sometimes big brother tries to help a little too much.. little brother isn't so receptive to all this "help"
 He gets over it pretty quickly. 
 I am sure you love auto-correct just as much as I do. I try to remember to screen grab the funny ones when I can. This one does not disappoint... O'Shaughnessy????
 When it is wet and cold outside, there is only so much you can do.
 only so much...
 But when you have a late night at work, this man is THE man. Seriously.. Chuck E Cheese is a little hard with only one wrangler. A+ Hubs, A+
 I am blessed to have babies that sleep in the car. I know many that do not have this luxury. Thank you to the car-sleeping-baby gods. You have made my life SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier!
And THIS is what happens when the hubs has a late night at work. I don't venture out to Chuck E Cheese because lets face it, that is just crazy talk...but I do put the baby to bed and curl up for movie-time with the big guy. He really enjoys funny snap shots with Momma.
 Bizzare day of the month? Yes. I am sitting in a conference room at the office.. end of April... all of the sudden we hear a  maddening amount of rail/hail coming down. Once it clears we look out to see this. Yes, those are ICE PILES, IN APRIL!! Bizarre. 
 Anyone ever seen Final Destination?? Yeah, this would be one of those moments. 
 Mom and Dad asked to take Chaz on a trip in April. They have some friends that recently moved Jonesburo, Arkansas and Mom and Dad wanted to go help them move and partake in their kiddo's birthday party. Chaz and their oldest are very close in age so they thought it was a perfect opportunity for a "Chaz only" trip. I thought it was a fantastic idea. The only hiccup along the way was Ryan wasn't 100% listening (shocker, I know) and didn't realize he would be gone for almost an entire week *insert Daddy sad face*

Chaz was pumped and my parents even sent me a few fun photos along the way. TV and snacks along the way. I am not sure why he is shirtless, but he is.
 I sent them back this picture of little brother sweeping the walls.
 and he responded. LOVE!
 Hanging at the park.Chaz STILL talks about the playgrounds (yes, plural..there were 4) at the RV park.
 and I sent back this one.. This would be a typical Saturday morning at the Hill house, sans the older brother.
And this..... Dance party at the neighbor's house.
 Smiles. All smiles (almost) all the time!
I just can't help but post these next few. I was walking into work one morning and I see this. Really? 3 deep? We have a NORMAL parking lot, no need to park three deep. How in the world does this even happen?? Note: this is NOTE my car in the middle. HA!
 and this is what I have to say to that.
 More pictures from Chaz's trip. he got to go fishing with Papa and caught a good one. Oh the fish story that followed this catch!
 As noted above, we had a wicked rain/hail/ice shower at the end of April. These two little tulips are the only ones who made it through. Poor guys!
 My worst nightmare.. broken washer. I mean seriously. The mound just kept getting bigger and bigger.. the hubs tried to fix the washer....he simply wouldn't call anyone to fix it because "I can fix it, just give me time" Well, I ran out of patience and MADE him call someone, who coincidentally is one of our friends .. so I am still floored as to why he didn't call him from the get go.
 His name is Ray and he is fantastic.. HE FIXED IT!! He had to order a part so the pile just continued to grow but then one day I came home to this.. YEP, the red-headed fairies came to my house and!!! I literally came home from work and everything was DONE. Talk about a HUGE relief. BIG thanks to the red-headed fairies (a.k.a. my momma, my meme and my aunt Sandra) I love my Reds!
 Ummmmm, Dane. Dane, please do not stand on the bottle dryer with your shoes. Wait, why are you wearing your dress shoes with your pjs. I.give.up #boymom.

One last shot as Chaz was gone for a week.. We treated the baby to donuts in bed. He looks a little silly but this is one of my favorite pictures ever!
 Once Chaz was back it was time for treats...Rice Krispie Treats!! I missed this little boy SOOOOOOOOOO much! This is the longest we have ever been away from him--six full days!!
So, we are driving do the BIG mountain in front of our house one Saturday and I see this. I turn to Ryan and say "Ugh, another bromance on a scooter" I mean not only is it not safe but it is a little bizarre.
 But once we got closer we realized it was FAR better... Yes, this shot was taken from the passengers seat in my car, traveling down a BIG hill at 45MPH. Classic beyond belief. Funny thing is when I posted this on FB, I had about 10 comments about how this silly trio had been all over FB that day. Carry on trio-bromance, carry on!
 He brought me back a drawing.. Skateboard dude. LOVE!
Good weather equals park time. Chaz always asks to go to the same park. It is silly really because it is probably one of the smallest parks in the NWA area but it has a couple of great slides and a silly spinny seat (more to come on that) both of which make it Chaz's favorite.
Goofy boys!
It was getting a little close to naptime. Zoned.
Both kiddos on the scary cute rocking duck. Everybody smile so momma can put this on Instagram!!
Check! Cute little Instagram lovin'
Now melt and get ticked at each other like normal siblings do.. Check! (no need to Instagram this one, it lowers my stock)
And here is the silly spinny seat! You are welcome! Try not to laugh, I dare you!
Another fun neighborhood night. Love this kid!
For reals, how precious is this?!?!?
We had to stop by the Lane's one afternoon and this is what happened. How about we take a little inventory of this awesome picture... Mike--trying to make sure we don't have a WWF match. Dane--rocking the Kiss tongue trying to play the guitar all while totally stealing his BFF's Daddy's lap. Cooper-- Ummmmmmm, OH NO YOU DIDN'T.. First my Daddy's lap, now my guitar... I may just pop you..
They made it through without incident.
I am not sure this one even needs a caption.. it just speaks to me :)
I may or may not have shown this to the hubs one night just to see if he started shaking. Hee Hee.
Again, not much explanation is needed for this one.
I mean really.. Some days I see these come up on FB/Instagram/Pinterest or anything else I am looking at while cooking/cleaning/putting kiddo to bed..
Happy April randomness!!

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