Monday, March 4, 2013

Kale's birthday // 2013

Kale has been Chaz's friend since they were little guys, less than a year old. He is the cutest little Cabbage-Patch-looking kid I have ever seen. I seriously love this kiddo!
Kale had his birthday at the local roller skating place. It was a good time. The littlest was a little hard to tame as it isn't like he can really partake in the skating. They did have a few arcade games that I was able to convince him to play for a little bit.
The pictures aren't great because the lighting in a skate rink is simply atrocious. I tried every setting on my camera and it didn't work. Suggestions welcome here for the next time we do this! Chaz was very timid at first. He had never roller skated and didn't like being unsteady on his feet.
He biffed it several times and I honestly thought we were about to lose him for the day. He doesn't like to fail, none of us do, and takes things like this very hard. We are working on that.
I think Kale had done this before. Impressed. He was also able to snag a coveted teacher mechanism, which helped. You see, there were lots of these things but other kids just sitting around were hoarding them. I was the uber annoyed momma. I told Ryan that next time he was going to make us one and we would take it with us. Take that hoarder kids.
He was happy to skate on the carpet. Lots less falling, lots happier kid.
We were then able to snag a teacher. He and Noah were just skating fools after this!
I think Ryan totally busted it after this shot, hilarious.
Kale and Noah were having a blast!!
This little guy was not happy that I wouldn't put skates on his feet. He was all about getting out there. Maybe next year, buddy!
Once he got the hang of it, I didn't think we were going to be able to get him to leave. He was loving it!!
Then it was time for pizza and cake time for this little fellow.
He was such a happy camper and had so much fun!
Happy birthday, buddy! I hope you had a great time, we know we sure did!!

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