Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dane's first haircut // 3.2013

His day came WELL before his brother's. Dane was born with a little hair and it actually grew, whereas Chaz was crazy bald for a long time!  Dane was 17 months old when we got his first haircut. To be fair, I probably could of done it around hit first birthday but I had the "momma holdout." There is just something about your baby's first haircut. Ahhhhh.

I am blessed that my sweet Meme is a hairdresser by trade and she has been able to give the boys their first cuts. At first he wasn't really sure what was about to happen
We gave him several toys to distract him but he managed to steal Meme's comb. I think he thought he was helping her.
I had to bring along some support as I was in charge of being the Paparazzi.
My momma was in charge of holding the baby still.

He wasn't a fan of all of this head holding they were doing and he certainly didn't like the sound of the clippers.
We had to call in extra back-up. Dane is a little infatuated with his Papa so we asked him to join us, just in case. Obviously, we needed him for some added distraction.
Then he discovered he could comb Gaga's hair. He was pretty happy after that!
One last head grab and we were done! That was probably one of the fastest haircuts my Meme had ever given but it was certainly worth it!
How stinking cute are they?!?!?!
Ahhh, back to normal. Gaga gets to read him a book. Someone looks like a big boy and is a happy camper.
I decided to take the opportunity to get the rest of the boys a haircut. Chaz has done this about a hundred times so I am not sure about the silly faces, except for the fact that he is just silly.
And yes, when I said 'the boys' I meant ALL the boys.
Good job, Meme! We are so happy to have you there as our personal stylist!

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