Sunday, March 31, 2013

March // 2013

Here we go, off to Randomland!!

Day off equals fun trip to FastLanes. We always have such a blast here. Whack a mole!
One of our favorites!
Nothing funnier than watching THIS kid play THIS game. I roll ever single time.

Over the course of the Winter we had several trips to FastLanes,ChuckECheese and Mad Pizza.. with that, Chaz became quite the skeeball shark.
Oddly one of his other favorites is the bathtub game. I hate it because it is wet and smells. Yes, I am a girl and he is a boy. This game is gross.
Chaz was pretty excited, although he kinda looks drunk. HAHAHA! He really struggles to keep his eyes open in pictures. It always makes me laugh.
Yes, I even got to play. I am a terrible bowler.
Chaz came up with this knee slide move that was very smooth. He thought he was so very cool!

He was SO proud of himself. He did so good!!
He is so very sweet with his little brother. Mornings are our favorite times.
Dane is NOT a good sleeper. Never has been, hopefully will be sometime soon. I am so blessed that I have a hubs that does not require as much sleep as I do. He is so good at getting up with the baby at night but sometimes--when it is several sleepless nights in a row-- he loses the battle.
My boys are my heart and they melt it every single day. Sweetness!!!
When brother is in time out.. we go to keep him company and tell him this will not be the last time.
This is his little rap. I don't know all the words but he does and he sings it all.the.time.
He loves to read. All I hear is "Book, book, book!" Precious!!
Dane playing with one of his BFFs. He and Cooper were literally face planting for a good 20 minutes and they thought it was hilarious. I wish they would have turned so you could see the permagrins. They are best of friends! So cute!

So one evening I walk in the closet to see this.......UGH. AND it took WEEKS for the hubs to fix this. I mean why would you want to have this for several weeks? Insane.
You know I love my funnies. This one is perfect!
Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllo Easter. These are my favorite candies in the world. If you know me, you know I am not that big of a candy eater but there is something EPIC about these things. If I knew I wouldn't want to die from a stomachache, I would sit down and eat an entire bag. Yummo!!!
Hey Dane, please don't stand in the bowls.
Oh ok, that is much better. Fail.
Boy = noisy house..
One evening we were struggling with the-baby-won't-sleep-again night... so this was my hubs genius idea. He put him in the bed with his brother. It worked for a bit. I will give him that.
The hubs saw a commercial for some bathtub slimy crud stuff and decided to find some. It was NASTY. I think I am still cleaning goo off the bathtub walls. Nasty, I say. The boys like it that is about all I can say.
This sweet little thing turned seven this month. SEVEN! I am floored, simply floored at how quickly these kiddos are grow. Please Time, stand still or at least slow down!!
Meme made the boys some cut little hats. Aren't they precious?!?!
I just now realized the baby looks a little like a homeless dude with his hat and "Free hugs" shirt. Hilarious!
When you have a house full of boys, this is what you find in the fridge. Right next to the pickles and pineapple. Darth Vader Legoman lives in our fridge.
Dinner time fun. He thought he was the funniest kid on the planet. I think he is pretty grand!
He is just yummy. Coat, jeans and uncovered toes. Precious.
Our first Razorback baseball game of the season ... and a PUMPED little fellow!
Sunday morning sweetness. I love these boys!
And this is what happens when it is just me, the boys and my iPhone.
This is what happens when you say "Dane, time to take a shower" and then turn your back.... oops.
I guess if one does it, they both do it.
He is not a fan of kiwi. Just for the record.
 And that is my March in a nutshell. Happy randomness!!

Easter // 2013

We started the weekend at my parents house. Anytime the weather cooperates, we are outside. I am officially a boymom so I may as well embrace it! Chaz loves to ride the Rhino and Dane is learning how much fun this thing can be!
I don't get the crooked tongue but I love it!!
After we enjoyed our trek around the neighborhood, we decided to die eggs. Again as long as the weather cooperates, we are outside. And this activity plus two boys equals a good need to be outside! The Reds were on hand to help us get everything together and organized.
And Chaz was pumped.. and I mean PUMPED!!
Colors were all in place, we were ready to go!!
Dane is technically in his swim gear because I didn't have any backup clothes. I figured these were easily washable and dark in case there were any stains. I mean, I figured he would keep everything clean and tidy, but just in case *wink*wink*
The hubs drew the short straw and got to hold the baby for this exciting event. His main goal was to keep Dane from eating or licking the eggs. Maybe you remember his brother doing this.......yeah.
Chaz really did try to keep it as clean as possible. He doesn't really do messy
It didn't take long before Dane was in "Dane form" and thank goodness the hubs was wearing an undershirt because it was about to get colorful.
It took all of about 4 minutes for his hand to turn from sweet-baby-peach to dirty-Easter-egg-dye-green.
Chaz keeping it neat and clean. He is totally my child.
He was amused at his brothers green hands.
Poor hubs, I told you it was going to get colorful!
We had a broken egg so my Momma decided to try and feed it to the boys. As suspected, Dane tried it because he will literally eat anything.
And Chaz turned his nose.. because he eats like a bird.
Straight to the bath for you!
They did SUCH a good job! I was so pleased!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnd we broke his favorite egg. Poor fella.
The next morning was Easter and it was time for the basket. Dane is still so little that I just wrapped them both together and let them figure out who's was who's, it was pretty obvious.
A little love from Gaga and Papa!
The baby was pretty pumped!
Chaz was ready for it to be Easter sugar rush!
Then it was time to go outside. It was a beautiful day!
Being a goofball on the diving board!
We quickly realized we needed someone to be on poo patrol. Thanks Papa!
The hubs and the boy playing baseball over the pool cover. Why? I don't know but they were having a great time!!
This kiddo was on FIRE! I think we figured out his sport.
Sunbathing dog. HA!
According to the kiddos, we needed to decorate more eggs and add decorations to the ones we did earlier.
I absolutely LOVE hiding Easter eggs. I know the boys will be so excited to hunt them so it just makes me so very happy!!
I even found these adorable little Elmo eggs for Dane. How stinkin' cute?!?!
Somebody is peeking!
This guy wanted nothing to do with the eggs. He spent a good portion of the hunt like this.
This one was all about this!
Yeah, still not having it.
Kelsey was trying to find her fair share. Well, unless Chaz came running and snatched it up before she had a chance. She was a good sport about it.
Chaz is SUCH a great older brother. He is always so good to Dane and this day was no different. He realized Dane was not happy and not hunting eggs so he decided to go help.
It took some coaxing and love from Momma but I finally got him into this egg hunting thing.
Wrigley even got in on the action. SUCH a good dog!
Yes, my baby spends a majority of his day with his tongue hanging out. Hilairous!
Mini photo op with Momma. The baby had a mouth full of food, but they still turned out cute!
These were technically part of their baskets but I forgot them in the car. Dane's ball is almost as big as he is!
Even Teddy got in on the action!
Chaz has done this to Dane since he was little. It is how he gets the baby to smile. It cracks me up every time!
Again, SUCH a good big brother!
More baseball time. This one was in the yard and made a little more sense.
Sweetness and his daddy!
I have no clue what this is about but I think it is hilarious.
Then we were off to MahDah's house for the second round of Easter. Chaz was tired so he spent the first portion sitting in a chair and drawing Angry Birds. Whatever makes you happy!
They were DYING to go outside. Seven kiddos smushed against the glass storm door makes for some good laughs!
And they are off!!!
Round two went SO much better!!
The we wanted a picture of all the kiddos. Dah and Chaz did not get the original memo.
I just can't delete one. The all make me laugh and smile! (Brandon, Anna, Campbell, Chaz, Ben, Jackson, Dane)
After they had hunted everything they could, it was time for bubbles.
Group pictures are so much fun with these kiddos. There are just so many of them and they are so silly!
Sweet little Anna is so attentive to the babies. She is the momma of the bunch.
Best buddies.
Love them!!
And they love me back!
Mah wsa so good to get an Easter cake--complete with cupcakes and Easter ring!
Just as I always did growing up, we had to have a few random impromptu egg hunts at the house. We actually told Chaz these were from the Easter Bunny! He totally bought it!
Such a great day! I love that the weather is getting better and this weekend was no exception. Beautiful weather, beautiful families.Good times had by all. Happy Easter, y'all!!