Thursday, February 28, 2013

February // 2013

Here we go with February randomness!

Updates on Wrigley, he hasn't eaten anything of significance this month. So we will let him stay, for now. He has gnawed on a few books here and there but nothing big. He is so very good with the boys, we really couldn't have asked for a better dog---if he could just stop eating things.
We are often "those parents." We do things that make people shake their heads but my husband tells me to loosen up and live it up. I need to take a little bit of him to mix with my OCD-follow-the-rules mentality. I live in a house of boys, life is chaos. Here is an example of that. Mad pizza one Sunday lunch, we venture into the game room after eating. If you have been there you probably know, their food is much better than their game room. The boys love it but their games are almost always broken and there really isn't a lot to choose from. That is why I didn't really care when they did this. If the game is broken, you have to find a way to play.
This boy is 100% boy and fully mobile so we have little events like this. Random kid in a cabinet.
So this is a wonderful example of how I think my little people have made me a little nutty. I went to Target on my lunch break in order to get 12 HotWheels cars for his Valentines day cards. We handed out these with little notes that said "You are a wheelie good friend!" Yes, I know it is cheesey but I thought they were super cute. Dane had little boxes of Crayons that said "You color me happy!" Again, cheesy but stupid cute.  Anyway, sorry to derail, I had to dig through the dumpbin of cars for close to 20 minutes in order to find exactly what Chaz wanted me to get. He was uber specific. Anyway, when I got to my car I realized I was missing my sunglasses. After several colorful words I decided to trace my steps back through Target. Note: this was a full trip, not just stopping in one small section. As I was rounding the first corner I thought "HOTWHEELS DUMPBIN!!!" I just had a good feeling they were there.... sure enough. More often than not, I feel like I am loosing my mind. I hope I am not the only Momma with mommy brain..
Love. Just love.
Big brother was reading little brother a book. Yes, this was in between watching his TV show.
I really need this shirt. HAHAHA!
Snow. Yes, this was really the extent of our snow this year. After snowpocalypse a few years back, I purchased a snowsuit on rockin' sale for Chaz. Yeah, it is still in the closet with the tags on it. Maybe baby brother will be able to wear it one day.
One night as we were preparing for family move night- putting the baby to bed, popping popcorn, getting drinks -- Chaz got my phone and this happened. Epic!
When I came in he was giggling like a little school girl. I asked him what he was doing and he just grinned and said "nothing."  He finally showed me and I let him do a few more. We were rolling!!

He looped me in at the end. Such a sucker for this little cutie!
I love this. I really want to get the boys shirts with this. LOVE!
School and work both closed. We just kick it!
This dog, oh this dog. Yep, he strikes again. This WAS the baby's favorite book, before the dog destroyed it. Yes, the hubs received this via text with some colorful words. Oh this dog. It took a few days to find but the book was replaced. Oh this dog.
Do I start with "Oh this dog..." Well, this WAS his bed.
Thank goodness he is cute.
Speaking of cute. I mean, seriously.
Sometimes I put things on here so I can remember them.. Yeah, this would be one of those times. Genius parenting moment.
I love these little people.
When it is warm, we play outside. When it is cold, we pull out the games. Jenga became one of his favorites this year and he is actually REALLY good at it.
Battleship, well that is a different story. It is still a little over his head and extremely painful for his opponent. We are working on it.
Giggle. Giggle. Giggle.
Baby gets his first sucker.
I think he likes it.

Neighborhood kiddos curled up in my bed for a movie. Love this place!
Miles decided to spend the night so the next morning it was donuts and movies for this kiddos.
Off to mow the lawn with his daddy. Cuteness!  It reminds me of this picture of his brother (scroll to the bottom of the post)
The boys trying oranges. Dane will eat almost anything but Chaz is not as easy so we often use little brother to coax him into eating something new. This was a success! We have added oranges to our food pallet!
After dinner we try to wind down for bedtime but sometimes we end up winding up. Oops.
The hubs is so good at coming up with cool things for Chaz to do. I think Pinterest has been a great add to this but he is still very good. This night, volcanoes.

This is how I feel every.single.Sunday.night..
Happy February Randomness!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thirty Five

Well folks, I made it another year. I guess I should be happy and embrace the fact that I still get carded to buy a beer. As my Daddy says, the alternative is worse. HA!

So yes, I am happy I 'made it another year.' I am so blessed to have this amazing family, awesome friends and fabluous memories of my last 35 years--or I guess roughly 30 years as that is as far back as I can remember.

For my birthday we went to dinner with a bunch of friends and family. Then we came back to our house and hung out. It was a wonderful time! These are the only pictures I have from dinner. Me and the hubs and me and my cousin. Love them both! There are no pictures from the after party --THANK GOD! Let's just say we don't always act old and may have climbed furniture and did the Harlem Shake. Good times!
 A much calmer day followed with cake and presents with my fam. This makes me happy!!
This is really my birthday "cake" as I LOVE these cookies. MMMMMMM!
These people made it the best birthday ever! I heart them with every part of me! We celebrated one evening with my parents. It was a good time!
The next day we celebrated with the rest of the family but first, Dane and Gaga had to get in a game of Connect 4.
Chaz was pumped to see all the presents. The cool thing is I get to celebrate with more than just me! We group birthdays together in my family! I got to share it with my Uncle Gayle & Stephen. Good times!!
Crazy baby circus tricks.
We go in order so Uncle Gayle was first. 
 Dane was super helpful with the presents. Actually, now that I think about it, I think he was taking them away from Gayle. Hmmmmmmm.
 I was next. I got to blow out the candle on my "cake." They decided to put a muffin in the middle of the tray in order to hold the candle. Smart thinking by the Reds.
 I love that I had a little helper!
 And this one wanted to show his momma some birthday love.
My aunt made me a BUNCH of scarves and Chaz decided to model them. This is just one of them and the picture doesn't do it justice. They are beautiful! If you would like to purchase one, let me know! (Yes, that was a shameless plug but my Aunt is awesome and so are her scarves)
 This shirt really sums up my life in 6 words. 
 Gaga put the baby in the box. More silly baby circus tricks.
 Next up, Stephen! He got a muffin for his candle too! 
 Next thing we knew we had some sleepy heads. O.U.T
What a wonderful birthday! Nobody really likes getting older but it is humbling and wonderful to see how loved and blessed I am. I have the best family and friends a girl could ask for, a house full of boys who love and drive me batty all at the same time and more laughter surrounding me than I could have ever imagined. I love my life. It isn't perfect, it isn't always easy but I truly believe God will never give me more than I can handle. He has tested me a few times over the years but I am still here! I am so thankful for all I have! Here is to another 35++++years!