Sunday, October 7, 2012

September Randomness // 2012

Here we go! Randomland!
Little guy may be the messiest eater I have ever met. I mean seriously, look at this boy. At one time these were tiny little spinach raviolis. Needless to say, he often goes directly from his highchair to the bathtub and thank goodness his highchair isn't cloth!
Chaz loves his little brother. For the most part he is very kind and watches out for him. He almost always puts brother on the ride on toy with him. It is quite hilarious to watch them race through the house for hours on end.
This probably should have been on his birthday post but oh well. This was the Friday before his birthday he decided he wanted to rock a red mohawk.
We shipped the kiddos to my folks house and headed out on the town with some sweet friends. Afterwards we were hanging out on the back porch...I go in to use the restroom and come out to this. Yes, that is my good friend Sarah, shaving the hubs' head. Wowza! Now to be clear-- I could care less about hair, he was going to shave it anyway and it resulted in a fun story. I was just shocked to return from the potty to see this.
Little guy likes to "help" with the dishes. I can't really say it is helpful but it works.
With two kiddos we don't get a ton of sleep in this house but when we do, we sleep hard!!
Family lunch at Burger Life. This is one of my favorite places. MMMMMMM!
Chaz likes to draw on the dry erase menus.
I tried and tried and tried to get a good shot of the boy when he first decided to walk. This is the best I could do!

This is probably my favorite part of the day. Every night I am in charge of rocking this sweet guy to sleep. I love this time with him. It doesn't matter what happened that day, this puts everything into perspective.
We enjoyed the Summer and the awesome temperatures that kept the Summer going into the fall. One of our favorite things to do is Driveway-pizza-night. We call the neighbors, breakout the drinks and order pizza. It is paper plates in lawn chairs or on a blanket in the front yard. The kids play like crazy and the adults enjoy a frosty beverage and great conversation.
One of my favorite things about living in my neighborhood is that it is still in town but is surrounded by nature and the woods. I get to see things like this when I leave for work in the morning. Beautiful!
Dane is always wanting to help me. Help is an interesting way to describe what he does but he thinks he is being helpful which is all that really matters!
For a long time I had a ton of pictures of the back of Chaz's head, side of his ear, his forehead, etc.. All because he couldn't/wouldn't sit still for the pictures. Oh how the tides have turned. Now he wants his picture taken all the time. I think it is because we live in an iPhone world and he can see them immediately and anytime thereafter. I do enjoy this stage and am so happy he loves to have his picture taken. He is just precious!!!
A few of my Facebook favorites for this month. This first is oh so true!!!
If you follow Razorback football at all, you probably noticed our season was less than stellar. I am always going to be a Hog but this season was pretty painful. There were several "funnies" going around but I think this is one of my favorites. Oh JLS, I am glad you are gone.
I had a random day off and Chaz left me with this. He asked me, in his sweetest little voice, to make this car while he was gone. I accepted the challenge as I always try not to disappoint.
He was so excited when he got home to see this! I was a wee bit proud of myself. He now loves to do them on his own so this will be my one shining moment in LegoLand.
The hubs made the sole decision to purchase Chaz a skateboard for his birthday. Yes, his 5th birthday... a skateboard... yeah.  I was insistent on him wearing his helmet, elbow and knee pads. After a few times of biffing it into the grass, he shelved the skateboard for a later date. Glad I got this super cute shot but even more glad that it has been shelved. A skateboard? Really Hubs??
We kept the jumper out a little longer than we thought we were going to but this kid is such a mover that there was simply no way to get ready in the morning without "caging" him. I was doing my hair one morning when I turned to see this. Multitasking. Awesome!
Random Saturday, rockin the Razorback jersey and red mohawk. He is so awesome!! Note: This was the last time we did the red mohawk. The red decided to stain Chaz's head and we are still working to get it back to normal. Any mohawks moving forward will be green, blue or yellow!
Stinkin adorable!!!
He wanted to take a picture of him and his new Batman. He was so excited and wanted to show Uncle Shane and Aunt Lisa how much he loved it as they got it for him for his birthday.
Shenanigans at Walmart.
This is what happens when you bulk shop with a sleeping baby in a carrier.. Don't worry folks, no babies were harmed on this day at Walmart.
And this is what happens when you go to Walmart on game day. You get to see one of the creepiest mascots of all time. Yes, Boss Hog freaks me out.
The boys were pretty excited to meet him, although I had a feeling it wasn't going to go as well as planned. Chaz has become fairly ok with costumed beings but Dane is just now in the stage where things are starting to effect him.. I wasn't sure how this thing that freaks me out would be received by the almost one year-old.
and there he goes. That is not a happy face! Nope, not at all!!
So I have been with Saatchi & Saatchi X (formerly ThompsonMurray) since January 2002 (yes, that is a LOT of years) I have never really "decorated" my area but I will admit I was a little jealous when everyone started putting up awesome fabrics on the wall.... and yes, I finally caved. I love, love, love my little place on the map. It makes me smile.
Yes, sir! You are snuggly......and yummy and adorable and sweet and precious and my little angel. Heart you!

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  1. Love being able to catch up with you and see your babies grow up! Miss you T:-)