Thursday, January 31, 2013

January // 2013

It is a new year of randomness. I really don't have a good way to post the random things in our life. The rest of my posts are easy to organize--birthday, event, funny but specific, etc. These? Well, these pictures are a little taste of everyday life around these Hills. It is really a snapshot of our everyday as the majority either 1) don't fit into one of the before-mentioned posts or 2) are pictures taken on our phones. Again, randomland.  These are probably my favorite posts as they are so real to our lives. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Welcome to randomness 2013

I love watching the world through the eyes of a 1 year-old. The things he finds intriguing are things I would never imagine. Like the fanlike thing in the big silver box. THAT is very cool!
Nothing is more precious than a sleeping baby. I am blessed that this is and has always been "my job." This is the most amazing, peaceful thing at the end of a crazy hectic day. Quite, dark, sweet memories just rocking away. I said I wouldn't do this with my second, but I guess I lied...and I am SO glad I did.
The days after Christmas are so much fun. New toys, new projects and LOTS of smiles! This evening we were making crayons and eating Nerds. Yep, the good life.
A few nights later it was making monster heads and we were probably eating Nerds too!
Oh the baby and his boots. I am serious as can be when I tell you that several nights, he slept in these. The only time he would take them off was bath time and even that was a fight. He loved them. A+ Uncle Shane and Aunt Lisa. Boots and pjs, totally underrated.
Poor baby busted his lip at school. Hello Boo-Boo Bunny!
More sleeping baby. Yummy!
I love when I come across little sayings or funnies through FB, Instagram or Pinterest. I tend to save them on my phone so I can eventually share them with you.

This one, yep 100% true. I heart those little people.
I really have no words for this. Again, 100% true.
I have these moments often. Although I find this VERY funny, I also think it is so very true. Sometimes I just retreat to my closet for a deep breath, a good cry or just a moment. I am not ashamed to say it.
My family is my greatest blessing. The ones that live inside and outside my house!
Another one of my favorite. As Chaz has gotten older I find myself taking a second to think 'Is this how I would want him to act? Would I be proud of him if he were acting as I am right now?' Sometimes it is a 'Yes, good job!' and sometimes it is 'Ummm, no. Check yourself, Momma!' You always have to think, they are watching and learning from me.
Guilty of not doing this. But after reading this, not as often as I was.
This makes me smile.
When we are home alone, we tend to get a little stir crazy. I'm not lying. They start crawling in the cabinets!
This is what a sick baby and a VERY tired momma looks like.
Thank goodness this little guy was easy for me while his brother was sick. Love him!
This dog, oh this dog. He is stupidly loyal to the hubs. He follows him around the entire house. All.the.time. And when the hubs is gone, he sits here. At the backdoor, waiting for his love to come home.
A few more favorites of mine. Enjoy!
Back to the dog, oh this dog. I mean who eats the elf? This dog does. I had packed up all the Christmas stuff and thought to myself 'Hmmm, where is Pingle?' Well, I found him. A few weeks later I was putting something away in the closet and I brushed the hubs' shirts just right... when I did, I discovered this. I was shocked and not happy. The hubs got this picture sent to his phone with some choice words about HIS dog. Note to self, buy new Pingle next year and put on the hubs credit card. Damn dog.
Anything to entertain the baby while I am cleaning the kitchen. Baby in a drawer.
This dog, oh this dog. I feel like I am saying that a lot lately---well, for obvious reasons. He is kind of cute when he licks the dishes but I know one day he will probably cute his tongue on a knife. Ugh.
The next night I found Chaz like this. Yes, that is sweat. He is a sweater anyway but this was something epic. I knew at that moment that we had a sickly on our hands.
The next day was spent like this. Just being puny on the couch.
Baby loves his corndog!
I love his thinking face. It is sad that he can legitimately beat an adult at this game. Amazing!
We bought this computer for Chaz the year before last and Dane in love with it. He plays with it move than Chaz even did. HA!
Even he takes selfies!
His babbling has gone from that to talking. He has quite a few words for a guy his age. This time he is talking to that baby he sees on my phone, which somehow he doesn't realize is him  Adorable.
Time for the dentist. He is an excelled patient, every time. No crying, no screaming, no tantrums. It is awesome!
They started construction on a major road I travel every morning. It really slows my commute and puts me in a super sour mood. I took this on my way to work one day. We were are a stand still. I realized about 15 minutes later that they had turned off two stoplights and turned them to 4-way stops. Genius at 8am on a Monday. Can we also notice the eyesore of a "tree" in this picture? Yes, the city of Fayetteville tried to disguise a satellite tower as a tree. Double fail Fayetteville.
I can't believe I am sharing this BUT I have a few girlfriends that did not think I had grey hair. They are few and far between but they are still there. I tried to show them several times but they said they never saw it. When I saw this beauty staring back at me in the rear view, I grabbed my phone and sent this picture.
Yep, it snowed. Everybody rush to Walmart to buy bread and milk.

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